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Bibia Maria



Bibia Maria


Lockdown Experience

Lockdown Experience

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 The global pandemic has come to my place, 

the spiky little danger is here from the past few days. 

It kind of took away my personal space, 

Honestly, it was hard to face. 

Sitting at home all so suddenly, 

had trickled my thoughts bitterly. 

I did feel lonely frequently, 

but yes, I battled that negativity gradually. 

I got to spent time with my family, 

And Indeed, they are lovely!! 

But I have never stayed at home for so long, 

that it appears so difficult and wrong. 

Life had always been crazy, 

but the lockdown propelled me to be lazy. 

Initial days were all very slow, 

but now it seems to go with the flow. 

Meanwhile, I did find some time for me, 

just writing whatever it may be. 

And I have become someone new, 

not confronting anyone but just a few. 

Staying home for so long is very tough, 

but all are going through a time that's rough. 

This harsh time will surely pass, 

and I have taken up a task. 

"To stay at home and fight, 

Instead of trying to sneak out at night. 

The rules are crucial and I'll follow!! 

So, the future may not be hollow..." 

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