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Guru Guru Life

Guru Guru Life

2 mins

Guru Guru, No Image Tarnish, No Imagination

Hi Guru, Life is Easier with Life Challenges

My Guru, Life is Not Forever, so Life to be in Order

Hello Guru, Life Problems are like Life River ǁ

Guru Guru, My Life Train on Life Tracks

Hi Guru, Life worth for Life Beauty

My Guru, Incessant Music to improve Life Society

Hello Guru, Life is Easier for Learning Things ǁ

Guru Guru, Lions World is for Life Worth

Hi Guru, Life Sea for good Longevity

My Guru, I need Life, Gambling and Enjoyment

Hello Guru, know Imagination and Life Philosophy ǁ

Guru Guru, No Mad Actions like Marriage and Divorce

Hi Guru, I need Meaning and Shapes Meditation

My Guru, I need Midas touch from Millionaire’s hard work

Hello Guru, I need Miracle, Mirror and Mind ǁ

This world is of gurus

This world consists of Babas too

Who rules the countries, God only knows

Power rests with gurus and rulers ǁ

The life is simple for gurus and Babas

Raising money is an art for gurus and Babas

Gurus and Babas exempt from duty

Blessings and advises are the duties of gurus ǁ

Rulers try relying on gurus and Babas

Ruler is a ruler, Guru is a guru

Baba is the one who color the scene

Combinations are good, to run the show ǁ

Hopes are hope of a ruler to hope

Means of hope is a guru’s advice

Acts of hope is a Baba’s route

Result of hope is an action on hope ǁ

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