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Revolutionize India's governance. Click now to secure 'Factory Resets of Governance Rules'—a blueprint for a fair and prosperous future.

Jiten Biswal

Children Stories Drama Inspirational


Jiten Biswal

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

Friend’s Wealth

Friend’s Wealth

10 mins

 All friends are like petals of a flower beautiful

When bloom together they look floral celestial 

The pals of childhood live in each other’s hearts

Youth hubbies are parts of one’s life until starts                                       

Days of infancy when meets the vigor of youth

To nurture one for a journey of the life set forth

A lover is like a friend in need from the half of life

But a true friend is indeed is like a lover for ages five                                   

Once four friends were studying together in a college

They wanted to make their last day a memory montage

Their first meet as unknowns was like a budtender

That blossomed into a full flower beautiful lavender                                    

Each moment together was like a living dream

Moments born to the time was a sojourn of a pilgrim

On the land of fecundity, chastity, and sanctity

Where the Gods are invoked with soul purity                                          

Their last day arrived so early like an unplanned guest

Who shares host’s home to hum a lullaby to sleep an infant

They could not decide how to welcome the expected

But the guest must leave his footprint on time’s sand                                   

Partying, journeying, sightseeing and movie going

These bored them all, a new act must they be forging

One noble ides came as a surprise, to which all agreed

To gift each other’s best asset to be kept for a decade                                  

The idea was like a baby born after a decade of marriage

That soothed them all as a balm on the parting pain to salvage  

If a hubby would lose the object then he would not be invited

To that special meet that was planned in the future after a decade                           

A friend’s wealth would be with the others for days and year

How safe one would keep that time would tell about their care

If lost or spoiled would prove the one as an untrue companion

He must not come to the meet after a decade of awaited reunion                         

Their last night was spent without sleep as a mourning elegy

That they sang in chorus to bid farewell through a sad apology

Never hurt each other yet they forgave and vowed to forget

To cherish the playful days of leisure, pleasure, and fortitude                       


In the early morning next day, they drove to the bank of a river

The dawn was icy as the freezing breezes shook them and shiver

The first ray of wedding sun greeted them with his saffron shine

The bride river in her gown white gleamed to exchange vow fine                   


They all gazed at the sun to feast on this serene wedding

Until drops of sweats fell from their hairs to wet in cuddling

They lied on the sands on the bank to behold the vast vale sky

Their tiny tears of unblinking eyes hid their vivid veil cry                          

They sat in a close circle to see each other’s face from the front

Not to see and chide the eyes of own friend even for a bit second

They hid their items favorite on their back where they were sitting

One by one they looked each other’s faces with a tearful smiling                    

All spoke once to babble in pain followed by a long silence

But one gathered his courage to break their dawn’s menace

He showed a diary that he was writing since his school days

His joys and pains, losses and wins were captured in all pages                      

He dreamt of becoming a writer in the future after he was settled

As his father was a famed author who always kept him inspired

He had never wanted to impose his wish on his promising child

And he had given a diary to him to reflect on life before he died                    


The second friend opened an envelope having a bubbly picture

That of one soul whom he loved more than his life was his sister

She won hearts by helping the needy, homeless and destitute

At such a tender age, she had been the entire family’s fortitude                    

The third one had a small guitar that he hung around his shoulder

That he won a prize in school, he wished to make music his career

He swung his fingers to a hum a hymn on their friendship and love

He sang a song to linger the parting pals as it was cozying to move                        

The last had a little sapling of a banyan tree held in his palm fist

Trees, bees, seas all were the amen of the art of nature best

When any man fell the flourishing flora for his greed and need

His soul cried in pain as each flora is a fervor of creator indeed                     

All exchanged their pearl possessions of hearts with the other

All received in smile and silence, each others artifacts soother

They vowed to keep, will meet after a decade for the reunion   

Each bore his friends treasure as the day wore the gown noon                      

Time paced like a pilgrim’s journey to a holy shrine for a prayer

Years went in months and months in days like the ache of foot filter

Of the caged soul who journeyed to the Holy to salvage its guilt

Once cleansed, life has no greed, no need, no family to build                    

Like once jeweled petals on the idol get all obeisance of mankind

But thrown as an unholy blot on the next day when new one land

Used and discarded flowers when thrown out as dirt to a garbage

No one is an eternal jewel of God except the life pious lived so large                      

All pilgrims of time planned to meet on the same bank of the river

They spoke on the net about their reunion after a hiatus longer

Two were married to the girls of their dream and had kids cuter

Two had lost the old gifts, so were not eligible to meet forever                     

After convince and consult, finally, they all agreed to reunite

Would meet at the same point from where drew timeline straight

Came back to the same nature that once hosted the wed of sun

With the river, no sand but stones pushed the bank to far barren                    

They hugged each other with smiles and silences after the reunion

All looked so hefty with the stress of work and busy life unison

They had all values but lost one virtue of the divine innocence

Left it in past, froze it to crest, under cold mask of manly pretence                  

Their day of reunion was like a meeting of fellow martyrs soul

Who descends on the earth to see if their sacrifices still prevail?

The journey of a human from a man to a martyr is a pious act

If not repeated by the next generations then doom would start                     

All souls descended from their past searched for their lost glory

In the juvenile joy of the past when they were in the lap of a luxury

Old was genuine like gold that shone more if one hammers by time

Bold was the present but lost its luster to a moor’s murmur mime                   

Then the time came to exchange their hearty piece of one’s heart

The present of the past must be returned back to its owner as intact

Each stole look his friend’s eyes to hide his common human nuance

As if care from a cupid, love from a lover is stolen by a demon at a glance               

The first friend who had got the diary showed the same to all

It was stored like the ashes of an ancestor not one page did fall

Each story had its freak and break with full of life in words of gems

He read and shared with himself a hundred times in all solitary times                       


He had dreamt of wearing a white cap of the forces of the air

But immersed into the web of stories of childhood puerile pure

The wonders of his words dried his dream dimmer and dimmer

He crafted the art of words and wisdom to become children writer                  

He wove his words in woods and waters to woo the tender teen

He wangled the jingles by josh, joy and jovial to join the jury of nation

He recited rhymes on rustic rumbles to resurrect the reign of ghost

He received the revered respect for his recital of fancy dream best                       

He gifted book of fable titled “My Magic Wand” to all his old friends

They hugged him in hurry to hum the humor of holy foretold bands

He returned the diary to its real owner with his book of fancy fable

His friend was lost in tilting letters that once danced with fingers little               

The third friend who had got a photo of a girl opened a pink cover

A portrait of an angel who was flying from heaven with her lover

A prince so charming who kissed her hands with a diamond ring

The angel dived into his eyes to accept his love for the future king            

All were amazed at the ample of aura of alluring acrylic art

He bashed to blink his both the balls like a bride’s bask

He carried the colors of a cinder so cuter to create Helen

The dancing dolls were dreary to douse the delving demon                        


He loved the beauty of the angel whom the prince was to marry

All looked closer a bit later to find his friend’s sister rosy rosary

She looked the same that on the photo even his friend was taken aback

He showed them her present picture in a purple gown for a sweet shock               

In a tilt of guilt, the third friend vowed his love for the sister of his friend

Like a caught thieve who hides his face behind his flaw of innocence stand

What would he feel if known by him, bond as a friend would end in a second

But he puffed a sigh of relief when he exchanged a smile for sister’s hand            

The fourth friend who got guitar stood at the back with a look of remorse 

He had gifted the gift of his friend to an orphanage to make money surge

But he got a new one to give it back to his friend that looked sober silver

All looked so surprise at such a reveal in disbelief as he had sold the guitar           

The giver was sad as his piece of heart was sold for little money in market

He pushed him in anger and shouted so louder for the cheap and mean act

He had sold a friend’s heart, how would he be called as a favorite friend

He punched his face by a big blow to avenge so fast on the charity unkind            

He groaned in pain as a stream of blood dripped from his swollen jaw

No other friend came to rescue him as his crime was indeed a big flaw

He cried in agony as his heart was sold but hugged him to his chest tight

He too bathed in the guilt that he had hit his best friend as thin as light              

He then opened a sachet of CDs having his friend’s photo on its cover

A million copies were sold of the album of which he was solo composer

“The Guitar” was his company’s name with a logo the same guitar on it

He begged before him on the knees to pardon for his graver unkind act              

Friends when fight for a sacred act and nobody wants to harm the other

Then it is called the mother of all relations benign to sprout roots finer

When the same root germane a plant taller to live a life of fully blessed

Each petal emanates aroma soulful, each leaf bear the wisdom sacred               


The lime of time when erodes the values of the bond at its free will

The prime of being will erase the venom in a flux for love to prevail 

The time is mightiest but not the omnipotent against the eternity

Only the relations are timeless in the holy temple of wisdom deity                  

Both could taste their tears that had evaded the rust of lime time

Their reddish eyes had the proof of the blot as its lids wetted fine

A valor victory over venomous vines was seen from swollen faces

All four friends then formed a circle to celebrate embolden laces                   

The last one had come in empty hand to the reunion for a decade

He stood dumb in dead silence as the three other shook his head

He still had no answer in his mouth, even did not utter single word

The three urged him to reply as the naughty night was on threshold                 

He raised his hand to point his fingers to the sky stretched above

All his friends were clueless to what he exactly wanted to say

They again asked him to reveal his story as they were feeling lost

He again raised fingers to show the same to repeat his gesture past                 

Then he pointed at the towering tall plant as it covered the whole land

That was the same sapling that was gifted to him by the fourth friend

The branches were grown so wide like a long awning of a king’s fort   

 It stood so fixed amidst the pebbles on bank to protect the sand bed                

The four sat under the tree to gossip and chatter till the night arrived

The haughty moon shone with her gleam greeting them with pride

The silvery lights of the night covered the naughty queen dusk

They all ran on the sparkling sands for haughty love in an insane freak              

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