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Dream Life

Dream Life

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Oh, it’s Dream Life, Deeds and Destiny

There is Criticism and Dangers of Truth exists

It’s Dignity of Labor that Develop Skills

Don’t get Trouble and have Dissatisfaction ǁ

Abide Directions of Nature and Diplomatic Speak

Keep aside Dirty Politics for Dreaming Life

Never encourage Drunkards and Dump Addiction

Feel an Ego A Disqualification ǁ

Encourage Energy of Love, as my Eyes Never Sleep

Give extra Mileage to Energy of Love

Don’t like money, though experience the Loss

Like Dignity, Decency and Royalty ǁ

Face Value can lead from Failures to Success

Favor to follow Friendship Value

Feel Sad for Finding Faults for Flourishing Point

Follow Mentors to come out from Frustration ǁ

Guidance from mentors, is the best to follow

With no advice minds can’t brush-up

Peoples support is always good

If people are good, society is good ǁ

It is not correct to stay away from the society

Society is nothing but it’s our own face

Little what we help makes things great

Name and fame will last forever ǁ

Support extended is support received

Help extended is help received

Reciprocal support and help is always offing

Don’t blame others, rather rectify the errors //


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