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Don't Worry, Don't Worrry

Don't Worry, Don't Worrry

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Brother O Brother

Sister O Sister

Know your place

Know your world.

World consists of crooks and cracks

World can’t bear people with crooks and cracks

World can give lenience to few

One can’t become burden to the world.

Mistakes in life is experience

But, mistakes lead monetary loss

You are polished, if you are nil

Fame will be yours in the last.

Your age may become barrier soon

You’re nowhere in your turn

A day will come to become nervous

No matter man, life is all, about it.

Don’t worry, the God is great

You will be blessed by the Lord

Lord may listen to your feelings

A day is not far, you will be remembered.

Day is yours, you achieve goals

Hard work will lead to Stairs

Up and up, you’ll climb the steps

Reach the Top and show the world, the success ǁ

Your achievement is yours

Great people work to reach the goal

Don’t blame others for nasty things

Work and work in a hasty way .

Golden Time Never be Lost

Once the Time is lost, never gain again

Think and work in a Timely manner

Time bound program, fetch you a lot.

Lazy man will never be Crazy

Crazy things are Smarty Ways

Ingenious minds are Crazy to work

Work and live in a Crazy.

Brother O Brother

Sister O Sister.

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