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Ananya Dutta



Ananya Dutta


Conceive I, This Peculiarity; 'Tis Peculiarity

Conceive I, This Peculiarity; 'Tis Peculiarity

2 mins

Let me step into the warmth of your arms, 

Let me bask in the sunshine of your smile, 

Let me hold you a moment longer, thou see...

For thine ears of concern, may I entreat? 

Am I about to depart soon?

Thereby ye ravine of that river running bewildered as at the time of my advent, 

I long for thine sight to leave me with captivating a kiss, ah! Am I so already a captive to the subtlety of - and there runs ye water faster now; 

Right beside the wood bearing inherent a seat, grasping where some respite in quiet an hour where would a lark sing, indeed, right beside the sylvan bearing some bark is that too brown now, 

My eyes seek thy company in the distance, as they wait for the same; and owe may thou, the pleasure to me, and owe thee must for am I so aware of the reason why.

May thee summon for some time longer; mayhap, need I too long a bit more. 

Know do I, thee merely wish to keep me for another hour or, a day as may thou please but,

'Tis to tell thee will I wait for ye glint of thine eyes when may they come rushing in ye wood so dark and aloof, 

Scrounging me, beseeching me sojourn, merely to culminate in yet, another rush.

Art me eyes not drowsy now, 'twas a moment of the closure had that descended on the lids of the same...

'Twill bother no further a minute unless prefer I to saunter on the paving of some difference - along a different lane...

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