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There will be times you’d want to sleep, 

Sleep to never wake up

Up to see the rising world

World which is now really dark

Dark enough to make you disappear 

Disappear from its pages

Pages, of which you’re just a word,

Word, which contributes to the story

Story that you could be never 

Never hoping to be read

Read by the eyes of the land

Land to which you belong

Belong, yet don’t relate

Relate to it’s breaths

Breaths you could never feel

Feel to keep you alive

Alive to inhale in the truth

The truth it’s beholding for your ears

Ears selectively choosing to listen

Listen to the chaos beheld 

Beheld in the arms of the crowds

Crowds counting you as a part

A part rarely fitting in

In the moulds of being confined

Confined to the cages of liberty

Liberty they define to be free

Free, but your mind somewhere knows

Knows that the freedom never exists

Exists to take you there

There, where your heart resides

Resides, in the arms of peace

Peace, you’ve been looking for 

For your wilting, dying soul

Soul which craves for some delight

Delight in the world of real

Real, which is just a word

Word defining your very own pain

Pain you’ve been holding within

Within your eyes closed in calm

Calm which you find only there

There, where you can sleep,

Sleep, to never wake up...

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