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Benevolent Bhubaneswar

Benevolent Bhubaneswar

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Unending is the worship for the benevolent abode of Bhubaneswar,

Lord Lingaraj is the presiding deity of Temple city of Tribhubaneswar,

Has the beautiful Bindusagar tank and only arch adorned pagoda of Mukteswar,

Ancient is the prayer centre of Lord Bhaskareswar Rameswar Kapileswar !

Ekamra Khetra has its own heavenly heritage,

Immeasurable is the Kalinga Architecture’s mileage,

This is an unmissable city of Shaivite pilgrimage ,

The elegance cannot be exclaimed in Odia or any other language !

Hypaethral temple of Chausathi Jogini is spectacular,

Rukuna Rath chariot fest of Ashokastami is very popular,

Ananta Basudev Raja Rani temples are very familiar,

Dhauli hill Daya river have witnessed Maurya King Ashoka’s Kalinga war !

The annual Khandagiri Udayagiri Magha Mela fest is quite refreshing,

The pleasant Nandan Kanan zoo Botanical gardens are very enchanting,

The different festival arrangements of Durga Puja are groundbreaking,

The continuous remodeling of this city is very much mesmerizing !

Modern Bhubaneswar got carved by Otto Königsberger,

Bygone and new city got a magnificent merger,

The serene greenery around is always a supercharger,

Odisha’s capital city is always a cultural exchanger !

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