Manoj Kumar Panda

Abstract Drama


Manoj Kumar Panda

Abstract Drama

A Trip For Biscuits

A Trip For Biscuits

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l'm sitting on the banks - the margins

Of yesterday's spent flow

Your face inked on my soul

l'm reminded of the boat we shared

This woman

These waves

A distance

All the little strokes



That keep pushing

Us -


And they grow and grow.

And was it all for nothing?

Were your flowers not in bloom

Buds burst into crimson

And your eyes

Reflecting mine


Sunshine swaying on the water

Did you not give up that day

Each day..

Body and hope

Your boatload of stars

For a hand

A word

A smile

That cleared your sky

And we left behind all gloom?

Dare tell me l dreamed it all so..

The moment -

We stepped onto the boat

The one we had to go..

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