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A Notion Of Secrets

A Notion Of Secrets

1 min

Flattering wintry wind and teasing whistles of chilling love,

Electrified my spine through your presence;

Only my heart knows these secrets make a sense!

Shivering hands, in search of

A chance of warmth in collision;

Only my heart has these secrets imprisoned!

Suddenly my eyes met yours,

Paused, words untold collecting tunes;

Only my heart bubbles these secret-fumes!

A new lyric made promptly in between

The eye-wars, war of fires and wild wishes,

Only my heart never let these secrets put into ashes!

Mellifluous you and your silvery gazes,

Silent yet piercing my heart with thousand needles,

Only my heart can witness these secrets chuckle!

The proximity between our fingers,

Removed the snowy voids.

Only my heart keeps these secrets unannoyed!

Stitched mouth, lack of words and senses,

Garnished by silent yet screaming stares,

Only my heart keeps these secrets’ sapphire!

Enriched with the enveloped lips in the end,

And melting our slightest gaps within a blink of eyes,

Only my heart gives these secrets wings to fly!

You were a persona of both enigma and fidelity,

While i supposed to be delicate and thirsty;

Only my heart agrees these secrets were not nasty!

I found my new resident in your eyes,

And I was sublimed into the hot sap of your kisses,

Only my heart can value this secret-notion’s blisses!

Then we silently overcame the winter with our talkless gazes;

Only my heart can hear what voices the secret-notion raises.

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