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Anusha Sridharan

Self published Author/Poet, Photography Enthusiast, Nature Lover, Card Marker. Contributed my poems to Story Mirror's Anthalogies - Whistling Silence and In Solitude and Solace. I have a wordpress blog - undestinedpieces.wordpress.com. I also write on Mirakee, Terribly Tiny Tales and Quora. read more

  Literary Colonel

Days Before Rainbow


Rain, rain, come again, I want to see the bow again, Filled with life and breeze.

2    149 1

Rain And Life


Oh, you rains! Haven't you travelled all through the world?

1    12 2

Follow A Strategy


A goal can be successfully reached only when there is a concrete plan, a pre-decided path. According...

1    5 2

Hope Is Life


Hope, a variable, Changing with time and tide, A leap of faith, To take and hang on to.

1    5 2

Naming A New Dawn


Tomorrow is by today’s dreams, Painting the desires of present, To the frames of the future.

1    26 2

Oceans Are Deep

Abstract Drama

Yes, for sure those oceans are deep, Of the ones yet to be discovered, For the truth less know...

1    37 3

Discover The Later


To change the things, The way they are, To make them more efficient, And better versions of...

1    11 1

Fight Against Fury

Abstract Others

My fight against fury then began, Of the boiling bloods and angry minds, There was a solution ...

1    35 2

No Clear Destination


I chose to walk and find the purpose of my life for I had lost everything I thought was once mine wh...

2    49 1

Work Should Be Fun

Children Stories Others

The more time I saved, The happier I was. When I made work more fun, Life was much easier...

1    27 1

There Be No Delays


There be no delays, No choices of waits.

1    17 1

Hunting For Husky


I lost him at the park, He went away in anger. More than a dog, he was, to me, a family Wh...

2    13 1

Pleased To Meet Meow

Children Stories

The poem describes pet-kitty.

1    11 1

Shoulder To Lean On


This poem speaks about the support system, whom one can lean upon.

1    36 1

Monday Blues


This poem shows the beginning of the week and the feeling of laziness.

1    5 1

Tangled Flaws


This poem is to be unique with a flaw.

1    37 2

A Design Of Nature


This poem shows how everything is designed by nature.

1    74 3

The Yellow Feels

Fantasy Others

This poem shows the different things that are signified with yellow color.

1    11 2

Eyes And Beauty

Abstract Fantasy

This poem expresses the beauty of eyes.

1    47 1

Black and White


Spot, fix, a mix, An element of grey, None of black or white alone.

1    32 1

Don't Be Disheartened


This poem is a motivation to come out of tough times and give a chance to prove.

1    29 1

Medley Of Sorts


This poem shows that everything is distinct.

1    33 2

Silver Plate Chocolate Pudding

Children Stories Drama

This poem shows the love and cravings for chocolate.

1    70 3

Sky Is Not The Limit


Many times I am told, everything has a limit. I am told less of the limitless.

1    148 17

Nature At Its Best


Nature's beauty, A medicine to the ill. A route to the spirituality and light, A way to self enl...

1    325 41

Tumbling Down The Hill

Action Children

I ran towards the hill, With my speed to the fullest...

1    151 4

Mouse And The Keyboard

Abstract Children

Type I did, a story on the keyboard, Wishing for it to tell stories,

1    399 34

Increasing Needs


To conserve and make judicious use, Of all the resources that we promised to share,

1    93 3

Limited Food


In the game of power and money, Why be kids at loss?

1    24 2

Time's Bargain


This poem gives an important message that the time can't be stopped. It fo=lows like a river. Hence...

1    72 3

Kindness In The Heart


A sense of gratitude is needed, To be thankful to have gotten a unasked favour.

1    45 2

Travel Is A Journey

Abstract Inspirational

Travel is a journey. It is an exploration. With the paths made of your choices and decisions. For th...

1    62 2

Misplaced Trust


Why to let go, why have a strong hold? A strong willed man shall place his trust in himself! Wrong...

1    78 3

Day Away From My Phone


It must be hard to believe, A truth if I told, A day, I was, without my phone.

1    103 4

All About Grief


Some hidden realities to the hidden architectures, a dream of the paradise, those of all which is no...

1    221 5

I Miss You Mom


Not sufficient as I recall, for all that you have done for me. How could I show how grateful I am?

1    75 5

Solitaire's Worth


Wealth, in accumulation, is a symbol of status as assumed like worth of a precious solitaire.

1    105 7

Voice Is Power


Voice, unheard, unsettled, from the streams of expressions flowing out. Some expressed, yet unseen....

1    114 8

Music And Strings


Notes and tones of the soothing music, I hear on my way back; A sudden joy fills inside me, I feel e...

1    91 6

Strong Desires

Abstract Fantasy

I dream a little everyday, a lot of those dreams still seem so vague. I don't know if to ponder or l...

1    67 5

Alone Yet United


I begin a lonely journey, Full of turns and twists. It seems all just a dusty path

1    77 6

Rise And Shine


A new dawn to begin, an expectant heart thumps, Craving for a change to be, to be one such to bring...

1    87 4

A Qualified Purpose

Inspirational Others

I chose to rather ride, Before it chose me to end the tide. Whistled did the chores of troubles, ...

1    2.6K 7

Orbit's Convention


Before I begin, I know to the land of faith, Some believed to be good; Yet marked a state of doubt. ...

1    246 6

It Hurts

Drama Fantasy Others

Understanding that reality is different from what you think, is what that hurts.

1    6.7K 5

A Simple What To That.

Fantasy Abstract Others

In the end ask yourself, ‘Which is that ‘that', that answered your ‘What’?

1    13.8K 6

Secret Of The Two


War and Peace. Why is that an aggression is demanded always, that sleeps inside us and wakes up with...

1    7.0K 8

एक गुज़ारिश


बस एक गुज़ारिश थी मेरी, साथ का सहारा ही बस काफ़ी है।

1    33 3