#I for India


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I for India

StoryMirror is here with the biggest opportunity for all the writers/poets out there. This is not just a competition but a chance for you' to publish your writings in an Anthology.


A flag is a necessity for all nations. Millions have died for it. It is no doubt a kind of idolatry which would be a sin to destroy. For, a flag represents an Ideal The unfurling of the Union Jack evokes in the English breast sentiments whose strength it is difficult to measure. The Stars and Stripes mean a world to the Americans. The Star and the Crescent will call forth the best bravery in Islam."

"It will be necessary for us Indians Muslims, Christians Jews, Parsis, and all others to whom India is their home-to recognize a common flag to live and to die for."


The writer have to submit a poem based on three themes:

1. Saffron - Strength / Courage

(Submissions - 1st Sept to 10th Sept)

2. White - Peace /Truth

(Submissions- 11th Sept to 20th Sept)

3. Green - Growth /Purity

(Submissions- 21st Sept to 30th Sept)


  • The content should convey the theme given.
  • Use hashtag #IforIndia in the content.
  • Winners will be decided based on editorial scores as well as reader engagement on the content.
  • Participants should submit their original content. Max lines - 20 (poem)
  • Max lines - 4 (quote)
  • You can submit multiple entries. The best content will be selected.


  •  Poem
  •  Quotes  


Top contents and categories will be published in the Anthology.

All participants will receive a participation certificate.

Submission period: September 1 to 30, 2020

Result: October 2020