Mohita Acharya Trivedi
Literary Colonel

I am not a professional writer, but love to pen down my thoughts in a simple words, where there is no need to refer a physical or internet dictionary for the word-meaning. I read, I feel and I write. According to me "Memories always stay with you. They, forever, exists but never exticnts!" I... Read more

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It's all about respecting her genuinely,vin all manners, but not just making big statements for the sake of her!

A day which brings, the haunted image of the next day, as the Sun sets!

Kisses are the modes, to communicate your feelings, for the special one in your life!

Promise doesn't mean boundations, It means that you get involved, in doing somethings, with your heart, mind and soul!

Chocolate is sweeter than all other delicacies, It too satisfies the desire for peace and soothing!

Book is your that companion, who is always ready, to spent time with you; It's you who are always have, excuses of 'lack of time'!

Your heart desire, the warmth of feeling, from the one who reside in your heart; and the sensation of emotions, from ones heart, where you reside!

Sometimes, Bad Habits, are proved good, One always learns experience, from these, for their future!

Limit your perceptions, too many peceptions may lead you, to an undesired path!