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Submitted on 24 Jul, 2020 at 15:00 PM

illiteracy is an environmental misfortune. ignorance is a choice.

Submitted on 03 Jul, 2020 at 11:50 AM

they agreed

Submitted on 27 Jun, 2020 at 23:04 PM

at my age a lot of my friends are long dead. others have disappeared. but i get by with the wonderful company of butterflies, bluejays, and chipmunks. life is good. check out the stars.

Submitted on 28 May, 2020 at 21:24 PM

someday she's going to show me the album of places she's taken me while i slept in my recliner.

Submitted on 13 May, 2020 at 02:27 AM

i didn't ask for any of this. but as it is now my occupation i can only do the best i can with what i've got. letting go of any preconceptions i dive into the unknown uncertain of my return or survival.

Submitted on 06 May, 2020 at 01:22 AM

the custodian took a break and sat at the corner piano. she played a waltz in dissonant chord as two mysterious lovers danced like fairies upon clouds. Grandma would understand.

Submitted on 28 Apr, 2020 at 22:21 PM

i'd rather plant roses than thistles.

Submitted on 23 Apr, 2020 at 21:50 PM

it is better to love in misery than to die in shame

Submitted on 23 Apr, 2020 at 11:24 AM

if you've never communed with Nature... how can you commune with another soul? if you've never communed with another soul... how can you expect to commune with the Infinite?

Submitted on 15 Apr, 2020 at 21:26 PM

I asked, "What's going on here?" she replied, "Life, silly little man!"

Submitted on 06 Jan, 2020 at 00:31 AM

never lose sight of your quiet places