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Stories, Novels and Poems Vajra World Records Holder German Learner Author The Great Hells of the World available on Amazon https://amzn.to/3shafSE

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For bringing a change and do something unique and creative you want, you have to travel on a long challenging path. You should be the one to begin with the first step, if you are travelling, to reach the final point of accomplishment!

Showing mercy to weak defines your good character and represents your superiority. If you wish to show it, then do it for those who deserve it with a hope of bringing transformation into this world!

Failure is not the end of your journey. This is the initial point of beginning of your success! Enjoying this journey throughout the life is best option for making it enthusiastic and fulfilled with knowledge!

Keep walking in your life continuously without waiting and depending on others… In the race of life, no one would come with you except your confidence and self-determination. Believe in yourself, Become Self-Dependent and Self-Determined

Just like season changes and as they provide our nature a chance to nurture and experience, each moment in our life never remains constant, but keeps changing to provide strength to fight upcoming challenges! How influential this nature is…

Unity is just alike bundle of power which cannot be broken even after trying to shatter it and reaching to any extent! Even this unbreakable element could help you achieve unexpected and marvellous things!

Each dark color not always represent extreme darkness or emptiness. Like black colour considered as symbol of negativity is not always what people think, but could be positive sign of exhilarating power and profound seriousness. Be positive, Think Positive and Do Positive!

Technology is like a useful weapon to fight various difficulties and problems produced by humans to make our lives easier and interactive! But do not be fully dependent on technology, it might replace humans with itself one day!

Education is like a train of life linked to a station fulfilled with opportunities and mesmerizing future. Travelling in it requires practicality, willingness and patience!