Ankita Dolai
Literary Colonel

I am unique on my own way. A nature and science lover. I love listening music. Some times I turn out to be hilarious and most of the time I go crazy.

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Try to limit people around you... Restrict the limitations... But you yourself be limitless...

I will be back one day...

A true friend will never show the pain you gave her even by mistake until you realise it of your own.

You yourself expect for the better But do not expect better expectations from others...

He left her She wasn't a dummy She moved on...

She started living her life without a soul achieving a lot to put him down from the day he betrayed her...

The only one who Is with u in every ups and downs Is with u to laugh and cry all around Is with u to tease and mimik everytime The fighting partner and solutions to all the problems The one who is with u throughout your life Called as best friend..

you don't need words to tell stories, because your experienced heart explains it far better than your lips through your moist eyes...

Science is not a trend.. Science is not a fashion.. Science is not to Swindle.. But it's the power,idea and thoughts of a person that can bring MIRACLE...