Brigham Harden
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I live in America where in Texas I work as a mechanic and an inspector of auto vehicles. I enjoy writing poetry most of all and I really enjoy StoryMirror as my favorite website as platform for literary works. Thank you for making this possible and available. Wish there were U.S. cell phone... Read more

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Submitted on 17 Oct, 2020 at 01:24 AM

Love, in its truest energy cannot ever be lost, only shared, transcended or even greatly missed.... Either way, it stills us and touches our souls as the deepest of all things... Never cease in loving others for it is required and you never know when inside someone needs it the most, eternity spins upon the light it is.

Submitted on 15 Sep, 2020 at 21:27 PM

I will always remember you kind woman adored, my beloved who ran in fear from love so far away.... away to yourself being ever so alone, and this must be your life existing there. I would myself be far more afraid of knowing no love at all and yet as far as you depart know my whole heart cherishes you still. ~Poetic_Aurelius~

Submitted on 08 Mar, 2020 at 00:21 AM

It is not mans only folly to fail in seeing any truth before himself... we rise to the challenge and we soar to champion the heights of the greatest mountaintops.... yet upon the tiniest pebble, stumble and fall. ~Poetic♡Aurelius~