Priyanka Vegda
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"Trust on God and a positive vibe to believe in myself is the reason why I am alive". I pen down the feelings that's going on inside and Outside.Goals to inspire many and get inspired too. Freelance model in film industry and freelance writer. Spiritual soul on a blessed journey 🧿🕉 My... Read more

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घृणा करना मन का मेल साबित कर जाता है, एक जहर है जो अंदेखा साबित हो जाता है।

Never travel with a baggage of sadness, bring all the happiness and peace from the places you roamed.

Always Forget what's bad And remember the good.

तपती इस धूप मे, सुकून की छाव हो। गर्माहट के मौसम मे, तुम मेरे आराम हो।

वक़्त वक़्त की बात हैं- जब दूरियां आए तब पता चलता है प्यार कितना गहरा हैं,जब बुरा वक़्त हो तब पता चलता है कोनसा रिश्ता सच्चा हैं।

Acceptance is the next level to proceed, Accept fear, accept mistakes, accept failures and always accept every situations and move on

A life without a woman is just like a sky without sun,moon and stars, Trees without a forest and animals.

Being selfish to love yourself first is always a good thing to be done.

From the day we met,you added more sweetness to my Life.