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I am not what I do from 9 to 5. I am what I scribble after midnight..

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Have you ever noticed that for some common hush hush problems, the whispers sound pretty much the same. Everyone seems to be going through the same set of problems.. So why this extra effort to lower your voice?

Its uncanny how we strive for various jobs in so many different ways and in so many different career paths and all end up in the same place - hating Mondays!! There is something seriously wrong with the way we decide our career.. Ever thought to rewire the logics?

I think most of our anxiety stems from the fact that, we are meant to be followers instead of leaders. We trust on other's advice and decisions more than the ones which are our own and that's where the need to be accepted, the need to have friends and company and a plethora of other yearnings originate. We are told of dangers of risk but the advantages of the same are not highlighted enough.

Our mind counts time not in minutes or seconds but in terms of thoughts.. We live more in terms of our thoughts than we think we do..

Some laughs were loud, a tear or two were shed.. With bittersweet memories, do we tread ahead, To new experiences and some adventures too.. And thus from deepest of my heart, I wish you, Lots of success and love in 2022!!

The darkest clouds melt before sunshine, such is the creation of The Divine, No matter how hard it seems today, Trust me it will be more than just fine.... The coldest hearts are melted by strongest love, The hardest barriers broken by simplest minds, Its not about what we deserve, But more about what we choose to find.

Ensuring others' defeat is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for one's victory. These both sets are a burning example of disjoint sets of Mathematics.. However people generally confuse them as being complementary.

Sometimes I wonder whether hell and heaven are functions of time, rather than space as say....

A few months have passed, Since Life and Death decided to change corridors. Death looms in broad daylight, As life blooms behind shut doors.