Anwesha De
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A writer is by nature a dreamer... A CONSCIOUS DREAMER. -Carson McCullers

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To put it bluntly...I'm getting nothing done; something that I'm neither wanting nor enjoying. Even the things I used to love make me feel drained now... I still get excited and enthusiastic at times, but not because I really feel the enthusiasm... it's more like a wired reflex, perhaps because I've always been excited about every little thing... I just...don't feel like doing anything anymore...

"HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!", She wished her mother...

The colors of the twilight sky matched with the final shades of her pondering mind, as her wrist tainted the grass beneath a bright red...

Each book, each story is a travel ticket to another world, another realm...

In school life, being partners in crime is all it takes sometimes for strangers to become friends... #seedhibaat

"It's impossible", I said... "I'm possible", said my dream...

Best friends are perhaps the only people who can laugh at you and laugh with you... Simultaneously! And in that laughter, there isn't any pretention... ;)

SECRETS... We always end up trying to hide them from ourselves more than from the world... Don't we?

The heritage that matters in the long run are often the thousands of stories and anecdotes passed orally down the generations...