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Holi is not just a festival of colors, its a festival of truth as you can see one's true colors!!

I was just a mere stubborn seed, and I grew up to become a soft and delicate flower. I became so delicate that I was broken down just by a single harmful touch. Yet they didn't feel sad or guilty as there are thousands of flowers out there, vulnerable to their touch!!!

A girl's body is not a hotel room, which you can pay and use anytime. Lighting candles will just cause more pollution, justice is what we should be ravenous for this time!!

friends are just like a rainy day, always unpredictable. They can either pour down immense love on u or can bring a storm of problems to you....

stranger is not a word, its a feeling which we personify as a person whom we don't trust though known or unknown.....

A FRIEND is not just a 6 letter word, its a feeling on which half of our life breathes on!

without the water of trust, we will be parched for love eternally

ego is a plant which grows on hate and feeds on love

when we cry out our pain, we experience true happiness!!