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You trust your fears more than me.. And i believe my belief more than you.. This seems to be a permanent impasse..

What you feel about your dear ones is more important than how they feel about you.

I may have done something's that I am not proud of. But, I am not weak to keep thinking about them. I would rather work and fix the things.

It's wrong to relive the painful past. It's same as self punishment, which is not fair to ourselves. We should love ourselves more and we do have some self pride and respect.

Memories are a blessing and curse at the same time. They are a blessing, because we carry good memories to survive for lifetime. They are a curse, because some are hard to make peace with.

I don't have a freedom to get wasted myself, nor am I a fool to get drowned in misery. Great things come out of huge pain. It's all in our efforts to overcome the situation.

Rough times are tough times. It may or maynot lead to, doing inappropriate things or thoughts. It's all in our mindset to take control of the situation.

We need to live for the people who need us.

Not every love has to have a real ending. Some, are best in thoughts and it's better to leave them at that.