Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.
Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

#LitFair - Pitch Your Book Idea!


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First round

Submit information about your book idea. You have to submit a synopsis and one chapter of your manuscript on StoryMirror. The entries shall be judged for the following: 1. Novelty of the idea 2. Story/ Plot 3. Character build-up 4. Depth Kindly ensure that the synopsis is free from errors, otherwise there may be a penalty for the same. The top 15 entries will be shortlisted for the finals.

LitFair Finale

What happens if you are selected for the finals? Come up with the best possible way to present your idea to our jury consisting of Vikram Singh, Meghna Pant, Shreya Punj, Nikita Singh, Lalitha Ravindran and Lata Gwalani. Presentation can be made in any form which best suits the idea of the book be it a musical performance, dance, slam, slide-deck, storytelling, stand up or literally anything else. This shall be followed a discussion with the jury.

Last date to submit - Jan 17, 2022


  • Pitch your book ideas to the jury and win exciting prizes worth INR 6,000 (to be given by Literati, IIT Delhi) as well as a chance to get your book published!
  • The winner will get a chance to publish his/her book (digital/ physical) by StoryMirror if they meet minimum publishing criteria.

All that you need to know about LitFair - Pitch Your Book Idea!

Witness the upcoming writers and poets present their work at LitFair, as we bring to you the first-ever pitch fest of this kind in NCR. LitFair is a celebration of varied art forms, a rendition of words that shall capture you with its mere freshness. In its crux lies the platform which every unpublished writer dreams for, and a jury you'd always want your work to be reviewed by. Come for the exciting pieces we have in store for you, or for a candid chat with some of the biggest names in the writing and publishing industry.


  1. Vikram Singh is a Banker, author and an angel investor. His debut novel ‘Mystery of the Urban Monks’ is a Bestseller. He is a regular contributor to magazines like Business World, Indian Management magazine and My Startup Life where he writes about Startups, leadership and artificial intelligence. He is also an Advisor at IINREM Foundation, an NGO engaged in upliftment of rural and semi-urban communities in employment and livelihood generation.  
  2. Meghna Pant, a multiple award-winning author, feminist, speaker, journalist, and columnist. Known as one of India’s best writers, Pant’s books have been published to critical and commercial acclaim.
  3. Shreya Punj, a Commissioning Editor at Penguin Random House India. Before this, she commissioned books at HarperCollins Publishers India and was also the Associate Editor at Times Internet. Shreya graduated as an engineer in 2014.
  4. Nikita Singh, bestselling author of thirteen books, including The Reason Is You, Every Time It Rains and The Promise. She has also edited three collections of short stories, written two books under a pen name and three short stories for the audio format.
  5. Lalitha Ravindran, the founder of First Forays Literary Agency. She has traversed the not so related fields of insurance, technology and publishing with a fair degree of success. Lalitha is a tennis fanatic who also dabbles in crochet and writing her blog, Goose’s Gala on
  6. Lata Gwalani, the author of Incognito. She has enjoyed a career spanning over three decades as a journalist, a columnist, a corporate trainer before turning into a full-time writer. Her writings have appeared in The Hindu, The Indian Express, ME Magazine, and Arre. She teaches creative writing and storytelling through her forum called Kathaasis.

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