Find your balance with The Structure of Peace & grab 30% off on first 50 orders!!
Find your balance with The Structure of Peace & grab 30% off on first 50 orders!!

#Perfectly Imperfect: Celebrating Real Relationships


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Whether you are a new couple or a seasoned spouse, we all know that relationships are not always a smooth ride. But it's the imperfections that make them so beautiful and worth celebrating.

"I Don't Like Her" by 'Pratik Bharat Palor' perfectly captures the humor and heart of imperfect relationships available at . This charming collection of real-life anecdotes takes a closer look at the unique dynamic between a husband and wife. Whether you're newlyweds or have been married for decades, you are sure to relate to this entertaining and relatable read.

And for those couples who are ready to share their own imperfect love story, StoryMirror presents "Perfectly Imperfect: Celebrating Real Relationships." This contest is a chance for couples to share their real-life anecdotes about the ups and downs of their life. Whether you're poles apart or two peas in a pod, we want to hear your story! 


We are looking for submissions that showcase the love, laughter, ups and downs, and companionship that make your relationship unique. So, embrace your differences and join us in celebrating the beauty of imperfect relationships.

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  • You can submit your content on the given theme only.
  • There are no restrictions on genre.
  • Winners will be decided based on editorial scores.
  • Participants should submit their original content. There is no limit to the number of content you submit.
  • There is no word limit.
  • Any submission made over email or as hard copy or without using the contest link will not be eligible for entry.
  • There is no participation fee.

Categories: Story

Languages: English


  1. All participants will receive a participation certificate.
  2. StoryMirror will publish the top 30 stories in an Ebook Anthology 
  3. Top 2 winners will be given Amazon vouchers worth Rs 500 each.
  4. Winner certificate to all the winners.

Submission period: Feb 14 2023 to March 31, 2023

Result: April 30, 2023



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