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The brighter light you stand underneath, the darker your shadow gets, However, no matter bright the light is, a shadow shall never leave a mark, For, to leave a mark, you need something permanent. ~ Aindree@Luthra

It's strange how one act of evil can make one's heart change from campfire warm to ice cold. ~ Aindree@Luthra

I may not be a witch, or a demigod, or even a magician, but i am a reader, and those are one and the same things. 😀 ~Aindree@Luthra

Your neck is not a hanger so don't hang it, your skin isn't paper so don't cut it, your heart isn't a door so don't lock it, you are the way you are, and unless you except the way you are, you won't be happy so love yourself.

if life asks for perfect, then give it but in your own style. ~Aindree@Luthra

No matter what you loose in life's game, never-ever loose hope; because hope is the key to winning any challenge that life gives you. ~ Aindree@Luthra

time is precious, and it doesn't wait for anybody so hold onto your most precious memories. ~ Aindree Luthra

when pandora opened the cursed box, all the bad spirits were unleashed, but one spirit did't leave her side, it was; hope. ~ Aindree Luthra

The only exercise that I have done this month is running........ Out of Money!!!! ~ Aindree@Luthra