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The heartbeat to my heart, the sunshine to my eyes, That soothing to my anxiety and the utopia to my World. Thank you Maa, for making my life more valuable.

Hope for the best and learn from the worst

There are always the ways to come up with more power on every battle that have not been defeated.

दिल सुधार जा अभी भी वख्त गुजरा नहीं, यही पर थम जा क्युकी के यह इक पल ही काफी है, पुरी जिंदगी का रूख मोड़ ने के लिए

जो हो सो हो मगर तुम मुझे यूं अकेला ना छोड़ना इस मोहब्बत के हसिन रास्ते पर वरना ये दिल टूट कर बिखर जाएगा और फिर इक बार यह कही अंधेरों में खो जाएगा।

What hurts the most when you have always been there for everyone and no one is there for you when it's your exigency.

When some people treat you like worthless after you being altruistic and benevolant to them. They are actually nincompoop who don't deserve you.