Vivek Chaturvedi
Literary Lieutenant


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वो बिछाती है मेरे रस्तों में पलकें अपने रस्तों में गुज़र के देखतें हैं ।। -विवेक चतुर्वेदी

इस परिंदे को शज़र में लौटना है अब मुझे तेरी नज़र में लौटना है ।। ●विवेक चतुर्वेदी

वो चला गया फक़त मेरे एक ग़लती पे ही छोड़ के मुझे जो कभी मिरे ही ग़लती पे वोला था की तुझे छोडूंँगा नहीं ।। -विवेक चतुर्वेदी

Usually, when we are close to our goal We asumed that even now our goal is too far and changed our goal. Just like that We are make many goal .that's why we never achive our goal.

There are a Candle burn every night . Having end itself Candle give us light. In return it didn't Ask anything to us.

A mother know To do safe own child. Even if mother may human, pet Or wild. The love of mother so precious Its bigger than every crown. About love of mother No one can write down.

A small hole may be The cause of falling whole wall. And a small pit may be The cause of Standing piller tall. That's why we should never ignore Even a small mistake at all .*

The sunlight are comes Under my room, everyday . When I used to sleep Till late time in a day. Having come on my dream He were something say. May he said, why you are Losing a most time of today . Get up soon now and Make your day ,good day.