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It is better to travel well than to arrive - Buddha "keep doing the things you love n never stop"

the truth of the matter is everything is beautiful. what changes are the parameters with which you decide it on.. ~sj

being alone is okay, but being lonely isn't. there's a gray area in between that a lot of us don't get.

anniversaries are supposed to be a point in life. and with each point that passes, it forms part a of circle we call life. the only thing I hope for it is that it's fulfilling. or at least getting to it.

you'll keep travelling all your life unless n until you find a place to call home..

someone you fight with all your life only to miss her all that much when she goes away to a different home..

Sometimes when things don't change much in a positive way, you've got to realise that there's a problem in the way you perceive things, that you've got to change your whole attitude to things.

Being able to smile like a kid is the only thing one should hope for. It's innocent, carefree, it's giving, it's always happy, and more importantly it reciprocates..

Best friend is that someone whom you lean onto when the world's against you. They may not be the best talkers or best advisors but you know for sure that when you need someone in your corner at any given time, they'd be there rooting for you, n that's enough.