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Shut down your broadband and switch off your phones. Sit in silence and pray! The longer you pray the shorter this invisible war will become.

Since beauty comes into prominence due to the existence of ugliness, then why should ugliness be banished from the world? Everything in this universe has some purpose to serve, nothing is useless. Mind it!

Listening is an art which is known to very few of us. Speaking is an epidemic which has affected all of us.

Sometimes people reach out to you not to get a solution but only to be heard. So, Just listen. No judging eyes, no advising mind. Just listen patiently.

In this world, everyone is self centered but the beauty is that everyone's circle has different radius!

It's difficult to say good bye to the place which has not just changed but transformed you!

They asked me how much do I earn? I earn enough to attend parent teacher meetings of my children. I earn enough to go for a morning walk with my parents. I earn enough to hear out my wife's story before going to bed. What about you?

To start a new sentence, you need to put the full stop in the previous one.

No matter how firmly you hold your fist, time is gonna slip like sand.