Mollika Sherchan Kaur
Literary Colonel

Deep thinker and a Nature lover, sensitive by nature i love traveling and learning cross cultural values. I have been writing since my childhood and will continue. Just need a cup of coffee and peace there my pen starts jotting down words.

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A truthful ending is the one that started with an honest beginning @ molli Sherchan Kaur

A new beginning awaits your call Just open your eyes to see them @ molli Sherchan Kaur

The sun is a proof, of how the hopeless survives the fall with; a new beginning @ molli Sherchan Kaur

Smile The world will be at your feet @ molli Sherchan Kaur

My love might have lots of dots on it Stay positive on my words my love; Cuz there won’t be any question mark @ molli Sherchan Kaur

Dear Leaders, If your issues on economic crisis Is covered by crude and commodity rise Can we give a little attention on Global Warming Raising temperature needs attention Monopoly can wait Think! @ molli Sherchan Kaur

Dear Stranger, We all are pieces of hope That is separated inside but remember hope never dies with love by its side @ molli Sherchan Kaur

Until the medicine starts it’s work Half of the job is done by a doctor Who are warm and compassionate @ molli Sherchan Kaur

Home is where our love story is @ molli Sherchan Kaur