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Otteri Selva kumar

I am otteri selvakumar My age = young Date of birth = 25/07/1970 Education = i am student now Since 1984 to my dreaming is playing a bit I am 9th standard student that time so many thinking of my way put it in my mind I am try to write poems about in my mother language of Tamil so many poems I was writing and so many magazines also published the poems On the way my poetry life was started I am published in Tamil four books at poetry at one English poetry book 2005 At before 2004 I will try to writing poetry about with in English websites supported I was writing so much poems at so many websites started writing Facebook groups and my Facebook timeline also. I am writing now with my poems own style in worldwide fans... I am winning thirteen awards about my writing works My simple dreams is today to better than think to write poems tomorrow read more

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