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Juvenile Jail - Part 2
Juvenile Jail - Part 2

© Sonam Kewat

Drama Crime

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First Dazzy told me about how she collected 2 lakh of amount, she told me that after killing the rapist some of the family feel satisfaction and they handle money to Ali and Ali has given/ transferred all money to me as he was happy without having money.

I distributed and transfer all those money to people who helped us to kill the rapist that is our team. I personally was tortured and raped by my uncle as I wanted to tell my parents but I decided not to do so. And then I read the story of Ali sister's Naziya, her age was the same as mine and that's why I felt to kill rapist because our government is too busy that they don't think about rape cases.

I only killed those rapists who raped juvenile girls. I was continuously in contact with Ali, he had a friend Shoeb, who can understand my hand moments and talking language, which he explained to Ali. I planned to make a team of family members of rape cases, and there were around 10 men and two women Riya and Siya who were raped in her childhood. We trained them for martial arts and explaining plans that how to kill those rapists, most of the plan was done at midnight away from the police so they can't notice.

It was hard to kill 3 men named, Rohit, Ronnie, and Soumen. Soumen had a strong political background because his dad was MLA and the other two were his best friends. Those boys were killed by our 2 women fighters. As Riya and Siya were twins it was easy to trap that boys and finally in the night they invited those boys in a hotel in a different rooms. Being excitement they came and one by one both girls killed those 3 men escaped away from the window.

After investigation police didn't get anything but Shoeb was caught as he was knowing some of our plans and Ali. He went to the police and told me about me because he was scared that after Ali he will be killed. The police came and took me to court as I am juvenile. I should be in a juvenile home but that political plan was strong enough to make me go behind the jail. As you are working on my case they will surely plan to kill you. After telling about everything she went and smiled.

While going home I faced an accident or murder plan by our MLA but I got safe and the next day I appeared that case in court to justice for Dazzy. Somehow I could try to prove everything in her favor. As she already spent one year in jail out of 5 year of punishment. Now she was released and strictly warned for taking laws in her hand.

After being an elder she became a motivation for all and now she is working in the crime branch secretly. It's a bit funny that I also go to her and discuss some criminal cases and take ideas.

I am really happy that I could do this fairness to her and looking smile at her face.

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