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Dreams To Die For
Dreams To Die For

© Kathani Kausik

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"Kiiyaara.....! Kiyaaara !!...Where are you?

Oh God! I have searched the whole house where is she lost?

Kiyara, you are here on the terrace!

It's been a long time I am shouting for you underneath."

"Ssshhhh.....! My doll is sleeping ; don't make noise. Do you know Didi-in the Smartest City Doll Competition of this year, my doll will definitely come 'first'."

" 'Yes, my doll, you will definitely come first', grinned Kirti.

But now just come downstairs and have your food first."

"Didi, not only my doll but also I have to look the best in the competition. Would you bring that red-colored princess dress for me, Kiyara evoked with a curious voice."

" 'Yes' my dear, I promise. I am going to buy it for you and you will wear that."

"Kirti promised her sister, but how would she manage to buy such an expensive dress ? After all, she is a harlot and now because of the new S.P, this business is also about to close down."

"But it's Kiyara's dream to make her doll the best doll in the city and to be looked as the loveliest, so Kirti strongly determined herself to fulfill her sister's dream by any means and at any cost."

The next morning when Kiyara got up, she became overjoyed after seeing the princess dress on her bed. But her excitement was completely unaware of the fact that she will be able to wear this dress because her sister had undressed herself last night.

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