Prank Beyond All Boundaries

Prank Beyond All Boundaries

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One day two co-workers were talking and one said to another that he is suffering with the problem of hair fall.

After hearing this the other guy handed him the hair removal lotion saying that it helped him when he was suffering with this problem and the guy having this problem didn't knew that, so he starting using that. Within a week the guy lost his hair completely and after seeing him all his co-workers asked him what happened and how did he lose his hair.

The guy told them whole story from he mentioning his hair fall to the guy, he giving him lotion to prevent hair fall and showing them the lotion. After seeing that lotion all started laughing at him by saying "You fool the guy handed you hair removal lotion and you hope to stop hair fall with this " .

They continued by saying "You were the latest victim of this guy's prank " . This incident left the bald guy shocked and made him a thing of laughter at the office for years to come.

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