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I No More Search For Him
I No More Search For Him

© Biswajeeban Mishra


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It was a fine evening. The crowd was slowly unfolding to heighten the charm of the silver city, Cuttack.

I started my journey to my hometown Choudwar from Ravenshaw, my alma mater, infact my second

home, which above everything shaped, nurtured and manifested the human being in me. Leaving the red

majestic temple of learning behind, I started my journey. With empty pockets, I had no other option than

covering the distance of 15KM by foot. And I was almost determined for that challenge.

While strolling along the OMP over-bridge, suddenly a middle-aged rickshaw puller stopped near me and

told, ‘Brother, Sit on my rickshaw, I shall drop you at Link road bus stand’. I was surprised. How could he

guess my destination? Anyway, I had nothing to pay him. The penniless pauper in me politely replied,

“Dear please don’t worry. I shall walk down. You please move”.

He said, ‘Are you thinking of money? Have I asked you for that? I don’t need money brother. It will be my

pleasure to carry you. How can I leave you in this situation? Please sit on my rickshaw.’ Oh..! How did he

know everything! I was simply clueless. This time I couldn’t turn down his request. Like an obedient

student, I silently carried away his order and sat on the rickshaw. He dropped me at the link road bus

stand and said, ‘Pay the 5 rupees lying in your pocket to the bus and travel to your home’. I was

dumbfounded. I started searching my pocket anxiously and to my utmost astonishment, found a 5 rupee

coin, which I didn’t know before. He vanished in the crowd before I could convey my gratitude. With that

coin, I travelled to my home by bus.

This incident left an enduring impact on me. I searched for that man everywhere around to pay back his

dues. But couldn’t find him anywhere. In fact it was my first and last encounter with that gentle man.

Twelve years have passed in between.

And I no more search for him....

Why should I?

The day, I discovered that ‘I am He, He is Me, We are one’. We are inseparable, imperishable, immortal.

He is beyond all payments and dues, difference and discrimination. Why should I search one who has

never been separated from me?

Rather I cherish the sanctity of eternal values and ethos of humanity. I cherish the epiphany, dawned on

me that day which guided me to pure awareness and enlightenment.

I no more search for him ........ I find him abundantly everywhere within everybody and at every moment.

help kindness God

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