This side OR That side

This side OR That side

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I am standing on a path strewn by green grass and beautiful colourful flowers.

But there is a more promising road ahead or a more beautiful view that beholds me... On the other side. I wish to go on that side. But alas, I am separated by a locked wooden gate.

What should I do? I am in a fix. The place I am already in is good, and worthy to stay...but the other side that beckons me is worth experiencing & living! The inner self desires desperately to take the risk & climb over the gate & go to the other side..But try as I might but I can't..

I wonder whether it is right to go or wrong to stay back? Is it wise to stay back because the other side might just a mirage? Or is it foolish not to take the risk of getting to the other side?

There's a popular saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side”. And doesn't this hold

true for most of us?

We are already surviving in our respective environments... doing our duty.. house.. family...

children.. jobs..and the list goes on.... We are bounded by our rights and duties in the society. We cannot just leave everything to fulfil our heart's endless desires. So in short we are breathing!

But are we actually living?? Enjoying the beauty of life gifted to all of us. Do you also wish to break the lock or climb over the gate to go to that other side??? But something holds us back...and it's different for each individual... you reach right up to the gate & desperately wish to escape this side...and to experience the other side.. but alas are unable to do so! Are you afraid? May be not. So ask yourself what's stopping you?

Ask yourself: do you wish to stay this side forever, or break the barriers (gate) and go to the other side.

Well for now, even I am unable to cross the gate. But at least I know what's stopping me. The day I reach the other side will be blissful or maybe a down side. I don't know. But if I try at least l know what it was worth of. If I will try, it will satiate the hunger of my soul..

Till then let's keep trying and shake our inner selves!

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