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Liberating Love
Liberating Love

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Back in 1861, no one thought twice about measly Section 377 which was thrown away in a corner, shunned. Those who questioned it were simply told it is for their own 'good'. It is for their own 'benefit'.

But, is it actually FOR us. Or is it for those who don't choose to accept change? Isn't it really for those who don't want to accept that it is a reality, that it is true?

You say it's not natural, so you say love isn't natural?

Love cannot be chosen. You cannot choose where you want to fall in love, when you want to fall in love, with whom you want to fall in love or whether if you want to fall in love at all.

But if you can, that is not natural.

That is strange.

Falling in love with someone regardless of their gender isn't.

And if it was for 'our own good' why did those two girls in Gujarat have to commit suicide on the 11th of June, 2018.

Because if it is, in fact for our own good, why did their child have to go with them too.

What wrong did they do?

They just fell in love.

Leave the cliché for Fiction, this is reality.

You cannot determine love.

You cannot restrict love.

You certainly cannot limit love.

Why make love a crime, why make a lover a criminal?

And that is exactly what Section 377 did.

It made lovers, who didn't worry about gender, about society norms, but only each other, into criminals?

Finally, on September 6th, 2018, after 157 years, India has finally liberated love.

It is no longer a crime to love.

It is no longer a crime to be vocal about who you love and not be beaten by a brick like 25-year-old Rajesh Yadav in Bilaspur, India.

You need not hide.

You need not shy away.

You can come here now, and be who want to.

For it no longer is a crime to be.

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