The Day I Left Early From Work

The Day I Left Early From Work

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The roads were badly occupied with traffic. It felt as if all the cars and vehicles of this world had come out on the road. I felt as if they were all conspiring against me. All the traffic lights blinked red when I approached them. Some of them just tripped, making it difficult for the traffic to move while the others that I came across were not working. And here I was sitting in my car, stuck amidst all the traffic, alone. Had it not been for the music I would have seriously regretted leaving early from my office today. It was late in evening for many of us, but for me the time that I had left today from office was a bit early or so I felt.

I had left from my office in broad daylight or so it appeared. Usually when I leave office its pitch dark. The only light that I witness in the street light. I had decided to leave by two but by the time I could wind up work, it was six. I packed up my laptop, zipped up my handbag and left for my car. It felt strange on stepping out of the main gate of my office. The evening air felt fresh on my face. It was so new for me to feel the it on a working day. The hustle bustle of the moving traffic, honking of cars, chirping and fluttering of birds all over engulfed my ears like the most soothing music I had ever heard.

I sat in my car. As soon as I started it, a white colored kitten ran from under my car. I felt sad as I had woken it up from its sleep. I usually left late from office. Probably my car was a resting ground for the poor little soul.

It was long before I reached home. But I had decided to enjoy my way home. I put the music in my car. Unfortunately today the FM also gave all kind of not so interesting songs but since I had decided to enjoy each and every moment, I lent my ears to all the those songs as well.

I then noticed something in my handbag; it was as if calling me to it. I had forgotten completely about the chocolate that lay in there. I took it out and ate some. It brought me some relief from the howling music of the honking traffic. It was not before seven thirty I entered my society gate. The guard frowned at my car in disbelief. He never saw the sight of car entering the society gate before nine or ten at night.

The darkness had not yet surrounded. I usually reached home late. The things that I often witnessed on my way back were illuminated streetlights, sleepy guards, lousy street dogs, policemen eager to penalize defaulters, construction workers flagging red flags to divert traffic and many more similar things.

As I moved towards the parking I saw my mother walking. She looked pretty in a white kurta with pink flowers. She donned a black coloured hair clip on her hair. I had never noticed this before. By the time I usually reached home she had mostly slept. My father was coming home carrying vegetables and milk. He looked smart in a white and blue shirt. I had often ironed this shirt for him but had never seen him wearing it. Today I saw it and it looked good on him. I saw my cousins. They were playing in the society lawn. I drove further to witness little kids playing football and girls playing with the skipping rope.

We had moved into this society long back but never had I witnessed all of this. I realized how much I had missed out on life’s real pleasures.

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