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Drilling The Determination
Drilling The Determination

© Sreelakshmi Udhayakumar


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That day when I got up from my magnetic bed where I always realise the power of gravity, I never knew that this day would change the view about my life completely. Think about bathing in chill water at 4.00 am and the worst part is..It’s WINTER..Oh My God!!

With my teeth typing ” It’s cold buddy..don’t touch the water ever” I erased the printing ink of thoughts.

I touched the ice cold water with index finger and as my reflex action works well I found myself wrapped up in the towel the next nanosecond.

My teeth again typed ” Buddy, again if you dare to touch that thing, I am never gonna stop typing”.

I again brushed the thought away and marched bravely towards the tub and gathered all the courage to pour a mug of water. The chillness went down the spine and my legs bounced to dance for the music of falling water. Next mug, the effect was much lesser and the next and next goes on without anything I expected to be but the bounce of my legs and the tempo of falling water never changed.

Even my mouth stopped typing and it stuck a stupid never ending smile as my thoughts glanced at my teeth and smirked.

I found that precious coldest thing filled in tub blinking at me with joy which a few minutes ago was burning me with hatred (but the fact is, I was not burning and I was just shivering). When my legs kissed the floor out of happiness after its graceful dance and in the silence after the rhythm of falling water, a fact flashed my mind. The cold water which I was afraid of is nothing but a tough dream we desire most. At first our mind, heart and all the ally’s we find within ourselves resist us from taking the first step towards it just like my typing teeth.

Never forget to brush it well every morning and we must start doing what we desire for.

At the first step, the pain runs through our spine but at the same time our heart bounces for the rhythm of our mind. Day by day when this continues we no longer feel that it is a tedious job to do and we sometimes might feel eternal doing what we at first found impossible and now we cannot stop doing it.

Even the teeth that warned you once will remain shut, might be ashamed of its foolish warning or might be jealous of you.

Stand brave and never lose your courage when u encounter a problem face-to-face. It all ends when desire melts us with her success. The job which burnt us now embrace us with happiness. When I touched the water with my index finger and if I would have listened to my thought at first I would have missed my opportunity to dance for my own set of imaginary audience.

Then I realised a simple truth that the bathroom is also a place where you can even get inspiration like the one I got

So whenever you feel sad just don't hesitate to take a cold water shower. Really it heals.. TRUST ME!!

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