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Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After

© Swati Tyagi


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“What’s your problem” Ria was furious

“Just missing you” replied Nittin

“Grow up. I am in office and can’t receive your calls all day. You have no respect for my job”

“That wasn’t my intention. Yeah, calling at this hour was stupid, I am sorry. Bye” Nittin was upset. He was trying to woo Ria, but she made it impossible. In spite of saying yes for marriage, Ria was too introvert to open up.

Finally they got married. But, life is no fairytale and happily ever after doesn’t exist here.

“You love your work more than me. Probably you needed a maid/cook rather than a wife”

“I can’t believe you are so blind to my love for you”

“Yeah you love me but you are just too busy to tell me. Like you were too busy to call me before marriage”

“What? You asked me to stop calling”

“I asked you to stop calling only during office hours. You could have called at other times. But, you just needed an excuse”

Nittin couldn’t reply.

“Why I have to understand always? He is your friend and he insults me while you keep mum”

“He doesn’t know a joke will hurt you like this.”

“Then go tell him. Speak up.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I will make sure that he doesn’t come to our house again.”

“So, you can blame me because you lost a friend. That’s not happening. I will invite him next weekend”

Nittin didn’t know what to say.

“You lied to me!” Ria was still in shock.

“You had your bags packed for leaving the house. Lying was the only way to make you stay.” Nittin tried to reason

Tears rolled down Ria’s cheeks. Nittin came closer to her and said, “Let alone lying, I would have done anything to make you stay. I love you. Does that mean anything to you?”

“You lied...”

“And I am sorry for it.”

Ria did forgive him and they are still struggling to find their happily ever after… together.

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