The Unrequited Love

The Unrequited Love

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"But you can do it, I know that", she said to encourage him.

"But you see am an endomorph, I can never have the kind of physical structure i want", he replied sighing.

4 months ago it all started with a poke on social networking sites. She watched one of his video hugging a filmstar and congratulated him. "It was nice talking to you", she concluded."The feeling is mutual", he replied. And then started the late night talks, frequent messages, but none of them had each others number. She was quite desperate to get his. She wanted to talk to him,wanted to know how he sounded now, was his voice the same as that he had in school or has it changed? But the reality was that she wanted to tell him how much she had fallen in love with him without even meeting him, without even touching him, without even feeling him. At the end of every day they would talk about how their day was, what all happened and other trivial talks. It was a kind of bond that started growing between the two. The day was unwhole withourt talking.

While messaging each other she once got a chance to ask him how he feels about getting into a relationship. "All relationships suck, believe me, never get into one" was the only answer she got from him. She felt hurt but still he was her first and last crush. She asked one of her boy friend to find out what exactly that boy feels about her. After 1 week that friend of her gave her the biggest shock of her life. Her crush, with whom she has fallen in love, was just a coquet. For him every night was a new girl to talk to. For him she was also one of them with whom he can pass his time. She felt broken to the last piece. She wanted not to believe on it but her boy friend was more like a brother to her and she trusted him to the utmost. He can never lie to her. In fact he heartily wanted both of them together.

She broke. Late night lonely crying was the only thing she started doing. She thought she was wrong in judging him, maybe love made her blind, but actually she always was very wrong in judging people. She thought her positivity impressed him, she thought asking him for fitness tips  would give him a good impression of her(because he was a fitnss freak), but atlast all those wishes of being with him shattered like a dream. She felt cheated somehow. It was because of her that he thought he will be able to build a physique he has always dreamt of. She thought that everything in her breathed an aura of positivity for him. But the reality was finally bigger and worse than her nightmares.

The messages stopped. The feeling of not talking to each other was again mutual. In the war of his ego and her self respect, they probably lost the love that could have taken birth: love that was pure, love that was based on spiritual and intellectual enhancement. She never got any chance to get to know about his feelings(except through that friend of her).Was he wrong in his investigation?, Did he lie to her?, were the questions she kept asking herself. She wanted to ask her long loved crush herself, face to face, "why?".

Now its that time of their life when from 2 text a minute, they both went to 2 text a year.Now it's only the likes on the pictures that they do to show their existence to each other. Whether both of them wanted to be each others priority is still a question unasked and unanswered.

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