Dream to Die for

Dream to Die for

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For years, I found myself struggling with the future, not having any idea of what I wanted to do with my life.

But soon enough, I figured out what it was that I wanted. I wanted to travel. That was my first ambition.

I used to believe that my dream was impossible, thanks to the influence of society and those who believe said dream is unrealistic. Of course the most realistic life goal nowadays is said to be getting yourself a degree at university, a good career with solid income, a nice car and a house with a wife and four kids. While all these things are wonderful to have, they will not always fill the hole in your heart

Many people think that once they have achieved their goal of finding a career job after studying hard for several years, they will become content and their lives will be fulfilled. This is not the case. This is very delusional, and a lot of the time, the outcome is disappointing. Life is a constant struggle regardless, so have something you want to aspire to, and go after that, even if the pay is not that great. Do something that you would be proud of, not what other people would be proud of. Live your purpose. I'd personally prefer to experience as much of this world as I can, for life is something not to be taken for granted by stacking up on material things that aren't as important. The planet itself must be appreciated. Experience the world for what it truly is. Too many people give up on what they want the most, because they choose to follow a path that others set for them. Search it for yourself - only you can know what you want. For me, it is a journey of self-discovery, and fitting into the world on a spiritual level.

We are told in our early childhood, or at some point throughout, that our dream is fantasy and not possible. As a result, we lose our dedication through growing up.

We don't want to hurt those who we love by going against their wishes.

People are afraid of trying to pursue things that aren't understood by the majority, and feel they need to "fit in" more.

The fear of failure.

We are so used to the way things are, that we are blinded from being able to see and accept what our heart truly desires. And if we give it a try, and fail, we usually fall back on that excuse "Oh, well I didn't really want it anyway". We see it as impossible and hence, try to forget it and move on.

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