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Power of Thought
Power of Thought

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Lonely and depressed guy was sitting at the corner of his room. He pulled his legs over his chest and tightly wrapped his hands around it. His mind was clattered by all negative thoughts. Furiously he clenched his jaw and continuously banged his head on his knee, he was murmuring:

I am useless. Nobody cares about me, everybody hates me, I always fail. I can’t do anything, I hate myself, I hate my life, I have no reason to live, I should end my life so I can free from this miserable life.

Tornado of depressing thoughts burnt down his self-confidence into the ashes and he committed suicide.

Next to his room,

His classmate was depressed. He took a deep breath and calmed down his negative thoughts. He sat on his desk and looked up at wall.

“Hey dude, no one is going to push you to your goal, get up and give meaning to your life. You can do it. Just keep doing it. One day you’ll be proud of yourself. Now get your butt on work. World needs you!”

Guy boosted up with self confidence. Took a deep breath and started to work hard.

Moral of story: Thoughts are like knife. If you give it in surgeon’s hand he’ll save someone’s life. And you’ll give in murderer’s hand he’ll kill someone.

Single thought has both powers. Gives rays of hope and also can bring destruction.

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