Love At First Ring

Love At First Ring

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The phone was ringing while Ryan was in the shower. He was expecting a call from a placement agency and didn’t want to miss it. He quickly dried himself and stepped out of the shower. When he answered, a husky female voice replied. She said she was looking for a Mr. Kuthrapalli? He was mesmerized by her sweet sounding voice, though her name sounded Indian, the accent definitely was East European. “You’ve got the wrong number” he replied, before grudgingly hanging up on her. Mystified she dialed again. She just wouldn’t take no for an answer. She sounded in trouble, she said she was new in the town and was looking for her uncle. She said her name was “Sheila” and that she had lost her luggage at the railway station and along with it a little piece of paper on which her uncle had scribbled his address, now she had no place to go.

Ryan, with one part of his brain still muddled by his placement call, decided to help her out after her frantic appeals. He told her to describe where she was, and asked her to stay put.

He called for a cab and reached the place. It took him an hour to reach the place since he had never heard of it. He attributed this to the fact that he himself wasn’t a local and there were many places in the city that were spelled or pronounced differently. When the cab driver left him, he looked around to find a deserted train station.

The watchman forbade him from going inside and told him that the station was closed since many years. What Ryan found out next, left him stumped. Five years ago, a train full of passengers from Delhi reached the railway station, the train caught fire and all passengers were burnt, including a girl named Sheila. She stood out because she had gallantly fought to save other women and children on the train and helped them jump off the burning train.

Her details were published in the paper; a cut out of which was still posted on the run down train station portal. Sheila, an orphan had come to Mumbai to find her only relative, her uncle. However, she died in the train mishap. Till date her spirit continues to look for her uncle.

Why she would call Ryan, no one knew. It was a simple wrong number. Ryan ran as fast as his legs could carry him, the beautiful voice still echoing in his heart.

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