inspiring story of my life

inspiring story of my life

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"Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul.” I truly agree with is quote. This quote was once applicable to my life. That battle was not between two enemies but with my own soul. It was the toughest battle amongst all. I had heard many times in my past about people getting demotivated in their life but I always thought that I am the strongest. The reality was totally different which I was unaware until an incident that took place and changed my life and my thinking process. That incident stimulated me and encouraged me to do something that was far beyond than my capacity. That person not only provoked me to give my best but showed me the right path of life. I have some great souls in my family who unknowingly lay the greatest examples of life. Those examples are not just incidents for me but far more than that. The soul that inspired me was my very own grandfather. A very strong  and brave man who spent his life working hard. He was the protection shield of his family. He did not live a long life… but he lived a large life. He saw his downfall as well as his success but never had he taken his success on his head. A person who was very polite and down to the earth. He was the man who saw the real potential in me.


 From my childhood I had been a very bright and an intelligent student. Always stood first in class and favourite of every teacher. I always made my parents proud of myself and never let them down. During my primary section my only goal and aim was to come first in class no matter whatever happens. Gradually, when I came in my secondary section I had my friend circles changed... new friends, new friendships and a lot more. I had I great change in myself after having new friends. My focus was now not studying but to be popular among my pear mates. My goal now was to look beautiful and my mind started diverting towards more and more fashion, outings and shopping and started disliking studying. My mother observed me over a long period of time but said nothing to me, until I got the results of my first semester examinations. I knew what my result had to come. The girl who once stood first was now among the average students and with average marks and also failed in two subjects. As everyone knows what happens when a child gets low marks … My mother scolded me a lot and there was a very different atmosphere at my house. All the family members were really unhappy with me. I felt ashamed of myself and a bit disappointed. I now had no interest in studying after getting such results. I really had no interest in studying after getting such results. I lost faith in myself and this incident was really terrifying and heartbreaking. I thought that now I could never be good at studying. I went on the wrong path and spoiled myself being with a bad company. Repeatedly over two semesters getting low marks made me feel unwanted and useless. I started hating myself. I hated looking at my own face. I was ashamed and broken from within. My soul told me to work hard but at the same time it told me just have fun with friends and chill. Over a period of time I was a spoiled child and even my parents started accepting me the way I was. Now I was no more a good and mannered child. But looking at my marks I felt shattered and heart-broken. I really got demotivated. That time I understood the real meaning of getting demotivated in life. But there was another problem that was waiting on our door and which was far greater than mine.

   One fine day my grandfather while he was having his breakfast suddenly fainted. The rest of the family was really tensed and we immediately took him to the hospital. After the doctor examined my grandfather we asked him what was wrong with him. The doctor said that my grandfather was suffering from throat cancer. This disease itself means death. I was shocked and I had no words to say. I just cried the entire day. I had to even take care of the rest of the family. Those days were the most difficult days that my family ever faced.

  That man still fought hard against that disease. He kept his will power strong and laid flat on the bed with the hope of getting healthy sooner knowing that it was difficult. Looking at him fighting all alone… made me stronger from within and gave me a new confidence. Finally the doctor told my father that my grandfather had very less time with him. Seeing the man lay flat on the bed, whom I saw working hard earlier was very difficult and unbelievable. While he was taking his last breaths he called me inside the room and asked me to sit besides him. I did as he said. That day I got one of the greatest lessons of my life. He said to me that, “Child, I know that you are very intelligent and you have a very pure soul. You just need to remove the dirt that has accumulated on your eyes… all that I want to say is you are going on the wrong track. Stay focused on your goal and achieve it no matter whatever you need to do for it. I won’t be there with you anymore but my blessings are always with you. God bless you my child.” saying the last word he closed his eyes and left for the heaven. Those magical words are printed in my brain till date. I was in tears when he was saying all these … but he inspired me saying those words. I got inspired by him looking at the way he fought until his last breath.

  It was very difficult for me to come out of all that quickly. I took time to be back to normal life. Losing a person who had always been your mentor is shocking. But those words which he said kept echoing in my ears. I understood what he said and also what he expected from me. That day onwards I was not the old me but a person who was focused on one thing. I transformed myself into the same girl who was in the primary section. I again started working hard and was determined once again. I proved myself and made my parents proud again. My grandfather inspired me and I was again one of the good students. I really thank him from the bottom of my heart for whatever he did for me and I really miss him a lot and feel his absence.

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