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The Impossible Happens
The Impossible Happens

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Drama Fantasy Romance

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It was my first day at the new school. I parked my car and then proceeded towards the academic office. The lady sitting there had thick specs and a high pony-tale. Without the specs one could complement her as "beautiful". The specs were probably making her look aged and geek. She was doing some paperwork when I reached her desk. She looked up and politely asked, "How may I help you?" I tried to be confident,"I am a new student. Can I get my class schedule?" I don't think I was confident enough as that lady gave me a very kind look as though I was some toddler. She inquired about my class and then handed me the schedule.

I was walking in the corridor when I saw a girl and a boy leaning against the lockers with their fingers entwined. I gave an inside smile to that. And then I bumped into someone. My bag and specs were dismantled but I apologized. Clearly, it was my fault. The girl I bumped looked typically spoilt girl of rich parents. She had a pretty face but totally smeared with makeup. She gave me a dismissive look and the finger. I looked down and apologized again. She was so arrogant. She replied, almost making me feel crap, "You better be, loser". She walked past me and joined a couple of girls looking same like her. I made my way ahead and looked for my class. I was the first one in the class. Well, now I had many options as to where to sit. I grabbed a middle seat in the first row. After ten minutes or so the class started to fill in. In about five minutes all but one seat was filled.

The teacher came in and distributed some sheets. The sheet was supposed to be filled by us regarding our academic details. I was filling up the form when a guy entered the class. The teacher was clearly not happy with his late entry as he quickly dismissed him. But the guy had guts. He said in a very convincing tone,"I got lost okay. You can't dismissme because of that. Moreover I have the right to attend my class." The teacher was furious. After all nobody talks like that on the first day itself. "This is the first and last time,"said the teacher. The guy himself picked up the sheet lying on the teacher's table and acquired the last seat that was available. Unfortunately it was the seat next to me. Clearly nobody wanted to sit near me. And I didn't want him in my surroundings but I was left no choice. I mean, who talks to a teacher like that on the first day of school? The teacher collected the sheets from us and informed us about the upcoming projects. We all left after the teacher left.

Next day, I sat on the third bench from the right and second from the front. Everybody came in and sat leaving the place next to me empty. A new teacher came in and just behind him was that arrogant guy. He came in and took the empty seat. The teacher distributed us the booklets and started the study. She had an accent to her words which made it a little difficult for me to follow. I understood what I could and made little pointers for what I could not. When I glanced at that guy's notebook, well as expected, it was empty. But he caught me looking at his notebook. He mouthed "What?" and made a screening face. I quickly got back to my notebook.

A week went by like this and that arrogant guy got no other place than the one next to me as he was always the last one to enter the class. Nobody talked to me. Nobody even looked at me. As though I didn't exist. Once I tried talking to a girl but she gave me a deaf ear. My class was like a circle inside a circle. More like a Venn diagram. The guys were surrounded by girls and vice versa. Honestly I was the odd one out. Although I landed circling that moron that whole week unintentionally.

It was Tuesday, and I was running late. Somehow my alarm didn't buzz and my mom was almost always out on tours. And I spent most of time studying. I loved studying. Anyways I grabbed my car keys and drove off to school. I came to a halt just outside my class. The teacher, from the first day of school, was standing there facing the whiteboard with a marker in hand. He never permits late comers to enter the class. So I took a step back and was about to go away when he gestured me in. I was shocked but was in my senses partially. I came in and apologized to him and went to the end to take the empty seat. Some students ogled at me and some made nasty faces. Now if the teacher is going to make that kind of exception for a student like ME then its obvious to become the cynosure of all eyes. Today I had a new partner but that guy, like others, was not happy with my existence.

At the end of the class we were told about the project groups we are part of; rather duo not group. The teacher called out names of students followed by their partner's name. He called out Gizelle. I raised my hand and said,"That's me."Everybody looked at me as obviously nobody knew my name or anything. I looked down as I didn'tknow how to look at all the eyes looking at me. The teacher then called out Roonie and told him I was his partner. I looked up to see who Roonie is. Damn it! Of all people i get that moron with me. Argh! And then afterwards everybody made a mourning sound so as to tell me that i didn't deserve to be with that guy. Oh Christ knows that I don't want to be with him.

After the class I heard many say,"Why did prof take her in?" "Is she special or something?" "I don't believe it that Roonie landed with that nerd" "This has got to be a dream". I decided to leave the class and anyhow I was hungry too. I went to the canteen and ordered a sandwich for myself.Itwas my first day in the canteen. I kind of tried to absorb every detail of it. I must say the canteen was like one they have in movie. It had a storey like curved stairs. It had bright colours. The tables were set up in a group of four. But many joined them to form a larger group. There were little stars hanging here and there on the wall. The counter had a broad glass onto which it was written "Eat here, forget everywhere". The font and colours were perfect. It was set up like a garden but with artificial trees and little fence around them. Overall it was a cool place. Soon I realized that I wasn't meant to be there. I didn't belong there. I took my sandwich and went to the garden area of the school and had my sandwich. The garden area had mostly couples or stags. It was a nice place to spend some time alone away from the hustle and bustle of the corridors.

The next three classes were packed and I moved towards home. Mom was back. She hugged me and made me my favourite dinner. I told her about school. She was happy after knowing about it. I obviously skipped the teasing and ignoring part. I told her about my project. It was about constellation of stars. She seemed very excited about it. She asked me about my partner. I told her he is a guy and I don't like him very much. But she asked me to give it a chance. The moment I tell her about a guy she starts imagining me with him. Obviously, she is a Mom. She wants her daughter to behave teenage. But anyways I thought of giving a chance. I slept peacefully and imagined me looking up at the stars laying down on the grass with somebody holding my hand and somehow I felt safe.

In the morning while I was getting ready, mom came in my room and opened her hand to show me something. She had a big smile that almost covered her whole face. I asked her what is it. "Surprise!" she said with all teeth showing. I took it and opened it. They were a pair of lenses, for me. I got a tear in my eye and hugged my mom. She was the best mother in the world. I took of my glasses and wore the lenses. She looked at me and kissed me on the forehead,"You are the most beautiful daughter a mother can have." We had breakfast and I proceeded towards my car. This day felt good;felt beautiful;felt different. I went school and got to my class. After the class I stopped Ronnie. He was with his friends; three boys and two girls. I spoke politely,"Ronnie if you could discuss about the project..." "Oh puhlease!" and he dismissed me and went on with his friends. I felt bad. I mean the project is supposed to be done by the partners. But I already saw this coming;so i decided that I'll do it on my own.

I was home and went directly to my room. It was normal so Mom didn't question me. I changed to my pyjamas and switched on my laptop. I searched about the stars and their constellation. They were beautiful. I was jotting the points down and printed some sheets when I heard Mom calling me. I told Mom that I”Il be there in a minute. To which she replied,"Yeah, Ronnie is here." I was shocked. I got off my bed and went in the front room. It was really him. What was he doing here in my house? My Mom told me he is here to meet me. He asked me to go for a little walk with him. I looked at Mom and she nodded. I can bet she imagined it happening. I sighed and left with him.

We were walking at a very slow pace. It was awkward. After five minutes or so he spoke,"So you want to prepare the project, I understand. And I know, its a school thing and all but can we do it after school like in the evening. I can come to your place or whatever." I could feel that he was doing this totally because the project had marks which were to be added in the finals. I gave him a choice. I said," Its OK. I'll do it alone. You don't have to force yourself to work with me. I understand." He wants to work after school so that he doesn't have to show with me anywhere in-front of anybody. Then he spoke again,"Wo wo wo...give me a break. This is a project and I can't let you take the whole credit. No ways. And anyways, I don't want a favour from you." Now this really pissed me. I didn't even think anything like that. So I turned to him and said,"Fine. Come in the evening. We'll start the project work. I turned around and walked fast back to my house. My mom was so hopeful about all this. I was too but not in my mom's way. He could atleast talk properly. He came all the way here to show me that he is doing a favour on me by working with me. My mom was sad not seeing Ronnie with me. I assured her he'll be here tomorrow and day after and after that. Dinner was tasty. Even better than my favourite one. Or maybe I was so angry and hungry that I loved the food.

Next day school was usual. I collected some books from the library for the project. In the evening Ronnie showed up and I had to bring my laptop outside. I told him that I got some books and it has really good information. He was very casual about it. He had a view that its just a project and we need to submit it in order to pass the exams. But for me it was a part of my studies. I wanted good marks and I told him that clearly. He didn't say anything to it which was a good thing. I kept my glasses on while I was with him because reading and the computer screen made my head ache because of the lenses. After half a month we were half way through the project. I got to know him as well. He was not that rude,arrogant person that i saw in school. That was just a covering to show people that he belongs with them. Maybe most of the students did the same thing. But who's who nobody knows. I started cleaning my bedroom on a daily basis as Ronnie now joined me in my room only.

He got quite friendly with Mom. Mom treated him as her son. When Mom was on tour Ronnie always asked when about her return. I liked this gesture of his. He got attached with people and he worries about them. When Mom came back, that day Mom and Ronnie talked like long lost friends and the project work was put on hold because I was serving them snacks. It was Friday night and it got late so Mom stopped him for dinner. At dinner, Mom and Ronnie were debating over food. Ronnie even ended up telling mom some recipes. He was a completely different person than he pretended in school to be. I like the person I was spending time with. I can say we became friends in all this while. When he left mom said,"We should do this more often." I sighed again. I remembered tomorrow mom and I will be visiting my grandmother and so will not be home. I decided to tell Ronnie about this tomorrow in school.

First thing in school I did was to find Ronnie. I found him at the locker area. I said hello to him and told him not to come today as we will not be home. He looked around and said,"If you'll not be home then why the hell are you telling me? Go tell your neighbours to mind your house." His friends gave him a hi5. I should have expected this. I replied with "Yeah sure. I must have mistaken you for somebody else. I'm sorry." I turned to leave when one of his friends spoke back,"Gee-zel. Don't try and find anymore reason to talk to him again." A tear escape my eye. I left from there quickly. I skipped my classes also. I was there in the garden area. At the end of the day he came there and sat near me. I picked up my bag and walked out from there.

Mom was packed to leave. While I was packing she asked me if I informed Ronnie about today. I assured her I did. We left for grandma 's place. She was very happy to see us. She had a present for me. The present was a book. I loved it. She also noticed that I wasn't wearing my spectacles. I told her that Mom has been very generous these days. Mom started the story about Ronnie and grandma asked me to check out the garden. She had planted a seed three years ago. That has grown into a plant now. She put up a signboard there saying "Please grow tomatoes." She was fond of tomatoes. She did wonderful things with it. The night went fast. It was good to be with grandma after this while. She was oiling my hair when she asked me about Ronnie and what i felt about him. I replied casually that he is just my partner for the project. Then grandma said,"Dear, I have seen life. And I know what your heart feels about him. Your mother seems to like him a lot. And after all this I have a strong feeling that he is into you too. I kissed her on the cheek and said,"Grandma, what will I do without you?" playfully. The next day was good. We had a small get together with the neighbours. And finally it was time to return. I hugged my grandmother and she assured me of my heart.

Returning was tiring. I took a nap in between. We reached home at night. Mom went to her room and slept. She had to leave for the tour tomorrow. I already took a nap so I opened my laptop to check for mails. I got a mail from a university. 

The mail said,

"Dear Gizelle,

We have had a look at your academic performance. We are very impressed by the knowledge and

dedication you have towards your education. It will be our honour if you join us in the next year.

We will be looking forward for your reply.


Mr. Robert Collin,


Elite High University."


Woah! Now that was some good news. But I was not sure yet. Changing school and colleges every year. But anyways, I”ll think about it. I closed my laptop and got comfortable on the bed. In some time, I fell asleep.

School the next day gave me a reminder about the project to be submitted in the next week. I decided to finish the project on my own today itself. In the evening Ronnie showed up. He came in my room and closed the door. I looked at him and he had a rage face. He shouted controlling his voice,"where the hell were you yesterday?" "Where is all this coming from?" "You said about Saturday only. Yesterday was Sunday. Where were you?" "If you remember you didn't talk to me that day. Didn't give me much choice to say the full thing." He sat at the edge of the bed and his expression changed. Then softly he said "Sorry". This was a new side to him. I remembered what grandma said to me. I told him that I was at my grandma's place for the weekend and that i have compiled the project. He was not listening to me maybe as he said,"I was worried for you". I looked at him and his eyes said something which I'm very sure I never saw before. I couldn't speak. I showed him the project and he gave me a pat saying,"I couldn't have done this without you."

Days went by and the date for submission was tomorrow. I got the project in my bag and then left for school. The submission was random and I was the last one to submit as nobody would let me submit before them. Ronnie too had to sign on the submission sheet so he came forward too careful that he doesn't say anything to me. As far as I am concerned i decided it that day itself that I won't talk to him in front of his friends. After the submissions were done the teachers showed our project to the class saying that this is how a project is made. The bottom line is, it was the best project in the class.

Another month went by and the posters for prom night was put up with great fervour. I was ignoring all this as i know this was not for me. Mom was missing Ronnie's visits. She often hoped that he would show up and that she'll have a mother-son conversation. And one day, he showed up. Mom was on cloud nine. She already asked him to wait till dinner and promised to make him his favourite dish. I listened to all this from my room. After a while he entered my room and took my laptop from my hands. I quickly said,"Project work is over. Now you don't have to come here.” His reply was quick as though he expected me to say this. He said, "I didn't come here to meet you. I came here to meet your Mom. Get over yourself." I felt myself smile a bit. I tried to get back my laptop but he took it further. He shut it down and then kept it on my bed side table. He took my hand and took me to the front room. I asked him what's the matter but he just shushed me up. He took me to the kitchen area and then he let go of my hand. He went ahead to stand beside my mom and started playing with the carrots. He sat on the slab and then spoke,"How will it be if I took your daughter to the prom with me?" I looked at him speechless. I was shocked to the core. Then reality sinked in. His friends will be there. The whole school will be there. My face became calm and I walked towards my room. I heard my mom say back,"That would be wonderful". She called back,"Gizelle, this is no time to shy away." If only she knew I was not shy.

Ronnie was in my room after some time. He started pacing to and fro in the room. He was acting as though it was very normal. "You have not replied. Will you come with me?" "To make a joke of myself. NO." He quickly came to me and sat on his knees holding my hand. "I am really sorry for that day. Really really. But now I know that they are no one to decide whoIi go out with. So you do not think about them. You think about us." He was trying to talk me into this and I am telling you, he was good. He added,"So you get up and wash your face and come out for dinner. Ok?" I nodded. At dinner, mom was so happy to see that I have agreed to go with him to the prom.

Next day when I came home I found a packet on my bed. I opened it and and found a beautiful dress inside it. 

There was a letter inside. I read it. It said,

"My daughter is the most beautiful daughter in the world. After wearing this you'll look like an angel.

Lots of love,


Oh yeah, she is the best mother in the world!

Prom was  just a couple of days away. Ronnie was not talking to me at school. Not that he completely ignored me but he never took the initiative to talk to me. I wondered how come he got the guts to ask me for prom. Of all people he asked me; it has to mean something. I also didn't try talking to him at school. A night before prom he came to my place. Mom was still on tour. He was trying being modest today. "I was passing by so i thought I'll stop by to remind you about tomorrow. Be ready on time. I'm very punctual," he smirked. Mom called me to check on me. Prom was tomorrow and I didn't have her with me on my very first prom. She wished me luck for prom. I was nervous.

The morning was like any other morning apart from school. School was getting decorated for prom so we had no classes. I made breakfast and and then watched a classic romance. Overall, it was a lazy day. By the time it was evening I checked up on my dress thrice. I got ready with the dress and make -up. I made my hair. And I chose a nice pair of shoes to go with my dress. I grabbed my clutch and waited for him. The door bell rang and I ran for it although it still wasn't time. But it was him. He was early. He was actually before time. The boy who never came on time for classes was early for picking me up. This has got to be a dream. He snapped in front of me as I went into a trance.

He complemented me on my dress. He in fact said, "I think I am jealous of all the boys who are gonna stare at you and not concentrate on their own dates." I asked him if he wanted to come in. He did. And then he handed me a rose and said,"A rose for the angel in front of me". I took the rose and said,"Thank you very much. But don't you think you are complementing me too much?" "And here I thought I am at a loss of words." Then he gestured me his hand. I took it and proceeded towards school. The school was all decorated. At the entrance we were supposed to enter our names. When we entered the hall Ronnie asked me to wait so as he could get the soft drinks for us.

I was standing there when Ronnie's group came towards me. I smiled a waved at them. The girls in the group echoed "Gee-zel". The guys spoke to each other "look who is here" "i bet she is here so that she can make a study on the prom and write in the school magazine". They giggled. I was about to cry when Ronnie entered. He stared at his friends and said firmly,"She is here with me. She is my date. Anyone who has problems  . . . can keep it to themselves!" The girls echoed again,"Gee-zel." Ronnie again responded strongly,"its Gizelle and not Geezel. Girls don't act like you belong to some other planet." The y went from there and Ronnie took me to a table. I thanked him for taking my side. He smiled and said,"You are so cute." I gave him a look. "I mean I should be sorry that my friends made fun of you and instead you are thanking me. But just so you know I like it when someone complements me. So you can continue." I smiled and gave him a little slap at the shoulder. He knew how to make the situation light.

The music went soft from rock. So Ronnie asked for my hand. I gave him willingly. We were dancing to the beats when he twirled me around and went on his knees. The music continued but all the couples stopped dancing. He gestured the band to stop the music for a while. I looked around and then at Ronnie. What is this guy up to and what is going on? He started,

“Gizelle, I know I am not the perfect person. But I am a different person when I am with you. And I am pretty sure you are familiar with it. I know I have been rude with you in the past but when I got to know you, that is when I started falling for you. The day you were away at your grandmother's place I was there at your place. I waited there for about an hour and when you didn't turn up I got worried. That was the first time I realised that you mean something to me. When you forgave me, for how badly I behaved with you the other day, my heart confirmed for me that you are the one for me.

I know that I am taking too long but now here it is . . .

Gizelle, will you be mine... Forever?”


He produced a ring from his pocket. I was overwhelmed with emotions. Tears formed in my eyes. I missed my Mom and Grandma. I moved forward and lifted my hand. He took my hand and placed the ring on my finger. The hall was filled with the sound of applause. The music started as Ronnie took my hand and we danced.


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