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Retrieving Of The Palace
Retrieving Of The Palace


Children Fantasy

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This is a story of one beautiful and wonderful city filled with greenery, its name was “GARDENIA”. A few miles away from GARDENIA was the beginning of the forest, the name of the forest was the Twilight forest. It looked gorgeous from both inside and outside. There was one lovely family called the Rogert family. The head of the family was Mr. Rogert. He had a beautiful wife who had a face like Cleopatra and hair like Rapunzel, her name was Clara Royal Rogert. They had two children, the first one was a boy child named Thomas Rogert. His home name was Tomy, he had blue eyes with blond hair, and everyone told that he was just the carbon copy of his mother in appearance. He was of 14 years old. He had a little sister whose name was Melody, she had long waves like brown hair with the green eyes She was the carbon copy of her father. She was of 12 years old.

Both the brother and sister loved going out for an adventure. They both were also good in studies. They both played together and enjoyed their lives. They both were a piece of entertainment for their family. The funny stuff that they did in their family was very entertaining for their parents. They were the gems of their parents. The family lived in peace and harmony. They lived in the edge of the city and after that the forest begins. The family had an unbreakable. Now it was the time of Christmas as on that day Melody woke up early was distressed by the next adventure that appeared in her dream. She saw that everything was going wrong with the strange kingdom. She sat up on her bed thinking about what next adventure was to be like. After this everyone woke up and got ready for the Christmas day celebration.

Tomy noticed Melody and asked her that what was wrong with her. She said “I think that the mini portal from our desk which connects to the kingdom of Alafia is opening, I guess we must tell our parents that we will come home little late because of our next mission”. Tomy went to his mother and told her that they will be late because of their next mission. The children rushed to the study desk, a portal was opening for them to go to the kingdom of Alafia. They rushed and jumped into the portal, here they went ending to the great river of Alafia. Tomy thought that why did this time they reached in the river. While thinking about this topic Melody caught her eyes to beautiful ship which had the name of the king, there was princess Scarlet waving her hands towards the children. They saw her and went inside the ship.

The princess came in Melody’s dream and had talked to her about some clues of the adventure. Now that they were there the children could see the sorrow in Scarlet’s eyes. Melody asked Scarlet, “what is the matter Scarlet? why are you in a great distress? Where are the king and queen?” Scarlet answered in dismay that last night they had disappeared a sudden, everyone was in the alarming situation, and everyone is searching for them. “I want you friends to help me finding out my parents cause of disappearance and who did that”, Scarlet requested them. “count us in young princess” said Tomy in a firm voice.

They had some food at first and then went to the discussion table, suddenly out of no were the white dove of the wise man in the court came with a letter tied in his hand, princess untied it and opened the letter and spoke the words out loud, “this is from your truthful wise man that beware for dare the enemy of the light will be there for you, come and have shelter in the woods of the gemstone.” They got shocked to read this, she and the children called three royal flying unicorn and left the ship, they went in the gemstone forests and found the wise man Merlin and took shelter in his house. As soon as they departed from the ship and reached in Merlin’s house a dark cloud covered the ship on which they travelled. Now that they were in Merlin’s house they were safe but in the ship, a dreadful monster named Redstonedarkeye, the enemy of the light came and destroyed the ship and took some people as his slave. There was still one person named Daniel who survived. He took his boat and went to Merlin’s house. For a sudden surprise he saw the princess safe and was a little charmed by her beauty, he went to Merlin and told everything that happened the previous day. Then Merlin called everyone and discussed about the disaster caused by the Redstonedarkeye.

Merlin after the discussion joined Daniel in his group to fight against the evil source. Merlin had a magical crystal shell from which he can see what is going on in the world and in the magical dimension. He cast a spell and the shell opened showing the recent place where he was, it showed the palace of the monster, it was covered with dark cloud with no peace in it, near the throne of the monster two people were tied up with the electrical chain. Merlin spoke some magical words and it zoomed that place to see who were those tied up in chains, for a sudden jerk it was Scarlet’s father and mother. “Come on you youth of the world let’s show them what we can do when we are together with one heart and one mind” said scarlet in a revengeful manner. Merlin gave everyone a magical wand; he also gave them the flying horses and then locked his house with some magical words and then set for the journey to the palace with the children.

Merlin made up the group of two so that they may not get scattered in the tornado’s charged by the monster for the safety of the palace. Tomy and Melody were grouped together, Scarlet and Daniel were grouped together and Merlin stayed by his own. They all reached to the palace and saw the tornado whirling around the palace. “get ready children for the entry, only one group can enter in one time” ordered Merlin to the children. First Tomy and Melody went with no problem in between. Now was the turn of Daniel and Scarlet, they went together and nearby them came a strong tornado, Daniel escaped but the horse of the princess got hurt in her leg and went down, Daniel did not just rest there but with his horse he also went down to save the princess. He caught hold of her hand “I can’t do this alone, come on do not put yourself down” said Daniel “ahhhhhhh”. The princess slipped the control and was falling down but Daniel did not gave up he went down an caught her in his arms. That was a real romantic moment for them, “thank you Daniel for saving me.

I did not know that you would do that to save my life” said princess in lovely tone which melted Daniel’s heart. “You’re welcome my dear lady” in a shy manner. They both stared at each other and did not know when did they reached inside the palace with the others. After when they got back into their senses they looked at others and then proceeded to the mission. Now after they got in first they transformed into their warrior clothes through their magic wand. Scarlet had the power of nature, Daniel had power of the flames, Tomy had the power of technology, and Melody had the power of music. They all first went to the courtyard and destroyed the evil soldiers. After that they proceeded towards the prison and freed the prisoners. Together they as a group directed them towards the throne room of the evil monster Red stone dark eye.

They saw that Merlin and Red stone dark eye were fighting with their mighty strength, Scarlet ordered the group “Melody and Daniel lead a hand to Merlin, Tomy and I are going free my parents, others fight against the evil sources of the monster”. Princess and Tomy went to the throne rooms edge where they saw the king and queen, “Tomy do you know any spell to make them free with your electronic magic which would co-operate with my nature magic?” asked the princess “yes, it is the eternal nature and electronic vibes that can set them free” said Tomy triumphantly. They both joined their hands together and released the magic of electrical current and the giant flower of nature. “Yes, we did it, they are free again” said Tomy joyfully. “Mom, Dad you are back again. Did you know how much I missed you” Scarlet said with the tears in her eyes “My child this is not the end you must go and protect the gold bush which is in the courtyard. This beast wants it for his dark magic to rule over the whole magic dimension. Go dear hurry it up so that it would not be late; remember that the plant is somewhere here” said the queen. “We will take care of this beast go hurry up to the wizard room” said the king.

Scarlet gathered her friends and Daniel and here the four of them went to the wizard room. They opened the door and found no one; they searched for the bush and kept it safe under the magic of nature, flames, technology, and music. Meanwhile there was a strong company of light which was done by the king, queen and Merlin and all the others. Together they used the power of unity of all dimension and there was a strong beam of light which vanished the REDSTONEDARKEYE from Alafia and from every magical dimensions and him to the Oblivion. Meanwhile in the wizard room due to the power of all the four youth the bush broke the curse of the palace which was captured by the monster and turned the palace into the new arising diamond castle of the Alafia which was their old home and all was doubled in its beauty.

Tomy, Melody, Daniel, Scarlet, and Merlin were rewarded for their great bravery in saving the palace and the lives of Alafia. At last finally there was a ball party held by the king and queen to enjoy the freedom of Alafia. All were dressed in very nice clothes and the party began. Princess was looking pretty in her new ball gown with a diamond tiara. Daniel was also looking handsome in his princely outfit. Scarlet was standing all alone having no partner to dance with; it was a nice opportunity for him to ask her for the dance. “Hey, if you don’t mind then would you please like to dance with me?” asked Daniel in his shy voice. “Yes, my dear prince I will be glad to dance with you” said the princess in a calm voice.

They both danced the whole night and after seeing them both happy together the king and queen let them live happily ever after high. Now what about Tomy and Melody? They returned back to their home and enjoyed the Christmas with their family in Gardenia. They returned towards their normal routine but are still waiting with eagerness for their next adventure to come.

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