The Magic Of Hope And Patience

The Magic Of Hope And Patience

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Life is indeed very unpredictable – just like a roller coaster ride – full of ups and downs; just like time – sometimes happy and sometimes sad; just like a swing – sometimes it takes you ahead and the next moment it brings you back.

On the basis of our good karma (deeds), best performance and our goodness, we often assume and think that our future has good times to offer. But, this is not always the case. Something like this has happened in the story of Naina. Let us see how?

This story is of a young girl named Naina. Naina – just another name of being fully joyous and happy, extremely hard-working and down-to-earth human. She always lived by her good principles. Everyone used to love her for her good qualities.

Naina completed her Graduation with merits. She was a Gold Medalist. She then did her Post Graduation and was the University Topper in it. She won Gold Medals in her Post Graduate too. She never left any stone unturned when it came to studies, career and making her parents proud. She was extremely happy on the day of her convocation. But the thing which took her happiness on cloud nine was the way her parents were feeling proud of her.

After such glorious academic record, Naina and her parents were sure that Naina would fetch an extremely well salaried job. But her life took a turn in a direction that was least expected and shook everyone.

Naina was not ready to go to another city or state for a job. Even for marriage, she placed a condition before her parents that the guy should be from the same city, so that she could be close to her parents. She did not want to leave her parents alone. She did not have anyone in her house who would look after her parents in her absence. She always felt that there is no use of a job and money which takes her away from her parents. She knew that her parents needed her for something or the other – whether it is health, household work or any other work. She realized that if she leaves them alone, then the burden on her parents would increase even more than what they already had. So, she was firm that she would take up a job in the same city, so that she could be with her parents.

Naina applied for jobs at many institutions and companies. She was not selected at many places despite her good academic records. The companies or the institutions in which she was selected were offering extremely poor salary and even were imposing beyond reasonable conditions which were next to impossible for any candidate to agree upon. In a nutshell, nothing was going right in Naina’s career.

Day’s turned into weeks, weeks into month’s and month’s into years. Naina kept trying every where, but all her efforts went in vain. 5 years passed by and Naina was still unemployed. In the meantime, marriage proposals came and Naina was rejected for not having a job. People started being judgmental about her. She even lost her self confidence and sense of what is right and wrong for her. All these things led to Naina’s frustration. She started feeling depressed. The jolly, happy-go-lucky Naina was slowly turning into not so happy girl because of her career. Her charm was lost. But Naina always had hope and faith in God. She always felt that if things were not working today in her favor, then there must definitely be a good reason behind it. The hard time broke her and made her cry. But, her faith was intact. She always believed that God has written something best in her destiny and therefore other things were not working.

Finally, her patience reaped her sweet fruits. She got a job offer from one of the most reputed institutions in her own city. It was a beautiful stroke of serendipity. All the stars aligned in the best possible manner. Everything was falling in the right place. It was not only the best job offer, but also the salary and the job post, of good reputation. Her parents were very happy and proud of her. This is what she always wanted. All those who criticized Naina earlier, started praising her. Her life was back on right and a happy track.

Naina was happy as she was doing a great job and simultaneously she could help her parents by being with them as her job was in the same city. She started balancing both her professional and personal life perfectly.

This story of Naina teaches us that life can sometimes put you to tesst. The same happened with Naina. It was not at easy for her to deal with those hard five years, she went through; to deal with negative things people used to say to demoralize her. But her hope, faith and patience along with positive attitude helped her to come out of it.

It is not just about career. Every person in life is going through one problem or the other. It may be related to family, children, career, relationship, future, etc. It is of course, our responsibility to give our best to solve the problems we face. But, we should never lose hope when situations go beyond our control. We should always keep our fighting spirit alive. We should never allow any person or situation to dull our spark. Ignore all the negative people and situations. Focus only on the positives, solutions, possibilities, opportunities, give your best and keep your faith and patience alive. Miracles do occur.

Always remember, God has not made any lock without a key. We will definitely get the key at the right time, at the right place and at the right situation. Delay does not mean that we are losing out on someone or something. It just means that the right time is waiting for you.

I hope and pray that you all find your respective keys and may your life be filled with all the happiness in the world. Make hard-work, hope, patience and possibility your crown.

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