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She slips in the shadows too dark for her light aura

In the wings waiting for you to liberate her

From the cage that she has built for herself through sage and dark hearth

She has an odd lightness about her that draws you

To her like a moth to the scalding fire

She lies amidst the thorns the meanest of which

Prick your very heart and soul

And yet, You stay.What is it that draws you...

Is it the fact that when she laughs the bells ring

Or that when she smiles the earth seems beautiful

Perhaps that when you are with her you try

To make her understand what has ever happened in your life

To show her what makes you you.

She is beautiful in a way no one ever can be

In a way that she will give herself to help you

Because at times when she is silent and her charm speak is no longer washing over you

You long for her to bewitch you again

She is on your mind in a way no one ever has been

Like a damaged chipped person inherently flawed

Yet you can't see beyond those mesmerizing eyes

Lighting up her heart with an unheard music

That echoes right deep into your soul

You will never find another like her you know

You don't want to meet another like her

She is somebody who has changed you in ways you hadn't thought possible

She is beauty She is light She is wonderful If you give her the chance to be.

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