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An Inexplicable Day
An Inexplicable Day

© Faraz Ahmad


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“Don't go” she said with all the power she had.

“I do not want to” he paused. “Silly, why are you crying, it’s nothing” he said while gathering all the lies. Deep down he knows it’s everything.

The tear in her eyes was more than diamonds for him. For some, it’s a sign of sadness and weakness but for him, at that very instant, it was a sign of acceptance and care, purer than he could ever have, purer than he could have ever imagined.

Her tears proved to him that he would be missed by the person he wants to be missed from. He could finally be happy to know that she really cares. Humans are confused animals. I am calling them animals because though we are more developed we fail to express ourselves and that is what leads to confusion.

A few hours early on the phone

“Tell me where you want to go” he asked.

“You tell me. You are from Lucknow, you know the place better than me” she replied.

“I am from Lucknow but I don’t roam around much like you do. So just tell me the place you haven't visited till now or any place you like”

“Ok... Ok... Ok...” she made a thoughtful journey.

“Let’s go to Cafe World. We've been there before and it’s a nice place”

“Go anywhere spending time is more important”

Yes, she was right. Time and not the place which was important that day. Both souls know that their time that they used to have will be changing from this moment.

“I am waiting outside the meeting point, where are you? Always late. At least don't be late today” he complained.

“Wait baba grandma is there. I can't get out right now. You have to wait” she said in an irritating tone.

“You know how hot it is outside?”

“I know everything” she said in anger. She always had an upper hand in showing anger.

He thought that even on this day which is special to him the girl is showing disrespect. He was angry as he doesn't know when he will see her again but can't say anything as for him the important thing was to be with her. So he waited.

Little did he know she was fighting with her grandma, trying to go out and telling lies to people who taught her not to speak lies. Life is indeed a clumsy web where we all think to be a fly who thinks that it is the only fly to be caught in the web. But there are others flies too. When life hits us, we surround ourselves with negativity and sit in the center of the catastrophe and feel victimized and couldn't understand what other might be growing through.

Finally, she came and with her the change in plan. They decided to go to a cafe they haven't gone till now. So he opened the Google map and gave her the phone while he was driving his scooty. Everything seems quite normal as if it’s a regular day. The boy was surprised as he can't read any emotions in her.

They reached the place and just like a perfect “last day” the food was pathetic. But for them, the moments were more important because that’s what they will be going to remember when they would tell the children.

“What now” he asked while looking in her eyes.

“You tell”

He wants to tell many things like how much he doesn’t want to go outside the city no matter it will affect his career or how much he wants to hug her tightly as he knows the reality and for that reason he wants his touch to be remembered or how much he loves her or how much he wants the time to just stop or fast forward to the next day they meet.

“Let’s go to the park. It’s about evening and I don't know where to go” he said.

She was afraid what if someone from the family sees her with a guy. She will be judged no matter her parents don't have any problem but her relatives have. She has to make a choice. If it to be a normal day she would have said no, but how can she say no today. She doesn't know when this moment will come again. She chose not to care about the family and said yes.

They circled around the park and it was full of people. They don't know what to do there or even what to talk because this is what they had done in their 4 years of friendship, one listen and other talks, one cry and other comforts, one needs and other provides.

There was a time when they were both sitting on the grass and the girl just looking down plucking the grass appears to say something but she didn’t say. We humans, tend to keep things to ourselves when we should be telling it to the person it was directed to. We fail to convert the thoughts into its literal voice. Maybe she saw the sun going down on the horizon and saw how the dark night started taking its shape. Maybe she saw the change in nature which in turn brings her to the reality of this day which she was trying to fake it as a normal day.

Nevertheless, she controlled that feeling and seeing the dark night itself the boy knew he doesn't have much time left. He desperately needed something right now to make this moment to extend or stop.

“Let’s go to the Cafe World” he said

“Ok” she said without thinking or looking at her watch.

They sat there and talked about things, things which they already told each other once, twice or thrice.

“Let’s book a cab for you. Or else it would be late” he said while looking at his phone.

At that very instant he thought why did he say that. Why he want her to go alone. Why not spend the time to drop her home?

“You will leave me here. You are changed” she said in a melodramatic tone. Even she wants more of him.

He doesn't have anything left to say. There were weird things which were happening that day. And no one has the answer to it.

They started their last journey on a scooty and under the night sky. There were talks at first and as the destination closes by, there was silence from both the side. He drove, she sat. And then a bridge came about, it was the last one in the route.

“Why are you so quiet” she asked thinking what has happened to him.

“Nothing” he said while a tear dropped under the helmet of his.

That bridge signifies something for both of them. As they were descending the bridge his heart pounding fast and there was a pin drop silence. No questions, no answers, just silence between the two as both of them know what is there after the bridge, separation. As he stopped at the destination he looked straight because he didn’t have the power to look at her for the last time, so he waited for her to get down from the scooty. But there was something odd, she didn’t get down, he thought.

He then got down and saw her sitting as a zombie on the seat and crying like a little girl. Her tears made him realize no matter how hard the girls make them look tough, they actually aren’t. For the whole day till some time back she was pretending as if it’s just like any other day and now the whole feelings have changed.

Back to where the story started

“Don't go” she said.

“I do not want to. Silly, why are you crying, it’s nothing” he said

“Why this happens to me? I will miss you”

“I will miss you more. Why are you worrying? We will video chat every day. Won’t let you leave so easily, there still some brain left of yours to eat” he jokingly said but with tears in his eyes.

Then they hugged each other and they won’t ever forget what they felt today in their lives. Then something happened he didn’t try before, he kissed her on her cheeks and she did the same. It was the gesture that was pure and full of innocence.

"Go now and be strong. Call me when you reach home" he said

"Ok bye" she said while her eyes still wet with that fake goodbye smile.

"Wait" she shouted and came back. "Let’s go for a ride. A small one, it won’t take time"

No one wants to leave as both were trying to buy the time from life, but life has other plans for them and you just cannot fight what’s written in your destiny.

They went on and she tried to make funny comments in which she got succeeded. After the sorrow moment, there were smiles. It was like after frightening thunder there is rain like after heavy rain there is a rainbow.

At last, he took the U-turn and came back to where he started. Both smiled with tears inside the heart and said goodbye.

“Goodbye, my friend” one said.

“Goodbye” the other said vocally and from the heart added “my love”.

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